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Monday, May 24, 2010

Naps and Movies

Had such a great weekend even though the weather on Saturday was awful. It was so cold and windy and rainy it was miserable. Jillian had two soccer games on Saturday to finish off her season. One at 8:30 and the other at 11:50. My original plans were to spend the entire time at the soccer park since they were having a little event going on. Booths and bouncy houses and food, but it was so cold we left.

When we got home we turned on the movie Hachi and snuggled on the couch where I took a little nap before the next game. Jillian isn't really interested in the movie Hachi, about a man and his dog. I guess there's too much dialogue or something. If you asked her, she would tell you she loves the movie, but she won't sit down and watch it. And it's pretty sad, but a really good story. So watch it.

Her next game turned out to be even more cold and windy and rainy than the first game. I could not wait to get home and make lunch and chill out. It just was not a good day to be outside. After her second game we came home, had some lunch and turned on G-Force, which she will watch. And she was out in no time. As was I, again. Being out in the cold and wind seriously makes me tired. I have no idea why. While we were sleeping Brian decided to get some bottles ready so he could bottle some beer he made. When I woke up again, I decided to watch The Proposal. I had tried watching that one before but I fell asleep, of course. Anyway, I really like that movie. It's so cute and it has this puffy white dog in it. I love it. I don't think Brian was impressed but I didn't expect him to be.

Miraculously, I was able to get off the couch to go with Brian to a Home Brew challenge at the Stonehouse where we had a great time trying new beers and just hanging out. Brian even knew one of the home brewers from high school who was saying he's trying to open a brewery in Nampa, which would be awesome for us, since there really isn't any place like that near our home.

Sunday the weather was much better, but I still stayed in and lounged. I love that sometimes. Actually, if I could do it all the time I would but it would probably just drive Brian completely insane, so I try to be productive every once in awhile.

Oh, and I did have Darby's birthday party with her friends on Friday. It was very successful. I was able to get out of having a sleepover because of Jillian's 8:30 am soccer game, but I don't think it really mattered. Darby had exactly what she wanted. Her friends came over and they went to the park and all just chilled out together and had a nice time. And Brian is still giving me a hard time because I spent way too much money on food. I didn't want to run out. But I guess little girls don't eat that much. So now I know. Hmph!


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