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Friday, April 09, 2010

Good Kids

I took the day off yesterday. It was so nice. Darby was having a bad week and I decided to go have lunch with her. We had turkey gravy with mashed potatoes. Not too bad. I try and have lunch with her as often as I can because once she goes to middle school it's over. No more lunches at school for us. It's still cool for her mom to show up at school unexpected. Her friends all hover around me and want to sit with us. According to Riley that's not the way it works in middle school.

Brian also had a kid day yesterday. A long kid day. He went with Jordan on his field trip to Baker City, OR. I forgot to ask how long the bus ride was, but I think it was suppose to be 4 hours or something. But they seemed to have a good time. Right after they returned from the field trip he had a baseball game. I didn't see them until 7:30 that night. It was weird.

My friend at work always tells me that you have to do those things with them, because that's what they remember. I tell her my kids always remember the time I missed their game or was late picking them up...things like that. She agreed that they remember that stuff too.

However, I think Brian and I are doing a pretty good job. Darby has a friend that goes to Awanas with her and they were talking one night. She told Darby that she was going to move out when she was sixteen and move in with her boyfriend (she does not currently have a boyfriend, she must think she will have one when she's 16). Darby was surprised. Her first question was "what about college?" Whew! I did mention to her later that evening that there was no way that she was going to move out when she was 16 and especially not with a boy. She said that wouldn't be a problem.

Now she talks about how when she graduates she wants to move to France and she's going to take French in high school. I think that would be awesome if she wants to do that.

I always tell the kids not to get bogged down by boyfriends and girlfriends in high school. I know that there are probably plenty of relationships that have lasted from high school to adulthood, but I personally don't know many. And I want them to be able to do whatever they want. I might be a little harsh about it, I think my exact words were "anyone you meet in high school is replaceable", but I just want them to know that their lives and future are most important. Every thing else can wait. You only have once in a lifetime to pick your college and go away and be free to do whatever you want. After that there's responsibility. And I want them to be good citizens and take the responsibility of marriage and children and pets seriously. So that's what I tell them.

PS Her friend is now talking about how her and Darby are going to go to the same college, so Darby ended up being a good influence. She's such a good girl.


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