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Monday, March 15, 2010

Wedding Checklist...So Far...And Really?

-Location: Boise Depot

-Catering: Kanak Attack

-Bar: The Ram

-Rehearsal Dinner: Cottonwood Grille

-Colors: Navy Blue and Yellow

-Dress: Picked out, just need to order it.

-Rentals: Received a bid, just need to confirm.

-Cake: Uh, the cake is a touchy subject right now.

There's still a million things to do like get our engagement pictures taken and get the invitation design ready and send out the save the dates, get registered, but we're getting there.

I'm just glad we have the food and booze taken care of. We went Saturday afternoon and talked with The Ram about the bar. That went pretty well. But then we were driving home and Jillian said her stomach hurt. Which happens. I always make fun of her and Riley because they have weak stomachs. Anything can set those two off. Motion sickness, smell.

We get home and I go grocery shopping. Brian sets up Jillian in the playroom to watch a movie and rest so that he could brew some beer. When I return home I walk in the door and I hear bath water running. Not a good sign. "Did she throw up?" I yell up the stairs. I hear this poor, weak little voice answer yes. Poor Jillian.

I bring in the groceries. The water is no longer running but Brian is running around trying to do some time sensitive beer brewing stuff. He asks if I can put the groceries away in a minute. You know after I clean up the puke on the playroom floor and couch. I'm not kidding. That's what he said. Because of that "time sensitive beer brewing process".

Are you kidding me? Why am I always cleaning up puke? I go up there to start but not before I tell him he's helping me.

I'm up there for quite some time. He never shows. I go downstairs and he's messing with his beer. Uh hello!!! He says he's coming. He moved the playroom couch and leaves. I start wiping up puke when I hear Jillian yell "I told you you had to clean up by yourself". Yes, she said that!! What is it with you people???

I finish cleaning up the puke and I go downstairs and finish putting away the groceries and then I go upstairs to help Jillian get into her pajamas and bring her back down stairs where she pukes again. In the toilet this time. We get her on the couch and start to watch Where The Wild Things Are. I cuddle with her for awhile until she has to puke again. We just get her a bowl now.

Brian asks what we're having for dinner. Patty melts but I haven't started them yet. You know because Jillian keeps puking. After we finally get settled and we had dinner and Jillian is only puking a little bit because she's all puked out Brian says, "Wow, what a stressful night. I'm trying to brew my beer and Jillian pukes and you aren't here and I have to put her in the bath and then you get here and start yelling at me to help you but I'm trying to brew my beer."

"I know it is stressful isn't it? That's like my night every night."

"I know. That's a lot of work."



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