Pink Sheets

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I'm annoyed this morning so I'm trying to think about good things. Like this weekend Brian and I are going to stay at The Grove Hotel in downtown Boise for Valentine's Day and eat at their Italian restaurant. We're also going to see the movie Valentine's Day, for Valentine's Day because it looks cute and funny and light. And maybe we'll try a beer or two at TableRock Brewery since we are thinking about having them cater our wedding.

I can't explain my irritation this morning. It is definitely work related not home related. Some of these people...

Not a whole lot more going on. We went to a BSU basketball game last Saturday with Brian's brother. It was awful. They have a great football team but the basketball team did not do well. It was pretty sad. But going to the game was fun. I guess I do like basketball. A little bit.

Well, I have nothing...


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