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Monday, February 01, 2010

It's not OFFICIAL but we're thinking about going to Disney World for our honeymoon. Which was not the original plan. The original plan was to go to Mexico and lounge around all day in the sun and drink yummy cold drinks. Disney World is a little bit different. There will be a lot of walking and a lot of activities, but also a lot of fun.

You see, when I changed my dates it messed up Brian's brother's vacation plans. That he really can't re-schedule, which I didn't know until I changed my date. But it's okay. Brian's brother is going to be in Disney World for 2 weeks and since he won't make the wedding he invited us to go down there the second week and spend our honeymoon. It's pretty exciting. I think we'll get details worked out during the Super Bowl.

This week at work is not going to be fun. Tuesday-Thursday I have a training class from 8-5. Not cool. Ugh. I'm totally dreading it. Other than that it should be an okay week. The kids don't have anything going on and I'm taking the girls to another wedding show this weekend. It's going to be fun.

I think I might change my colors to navy blue and yellow and not go with Halloween colors. I'm so indecisive right now. Next week I'm meeting with a coordinator so hopefully that will help me.


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