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Monday, March 22, 2010

Worst Week

I'm hoping this week is better than last week. Last week was probably one of the worst weeks of the year. It was. This year was going along so well and then last week just shot that all to hell. And not in a funny way. There's a show called Worst Week, actually there was a show, it didn't go beyond the first season, but that show was hilarious. Hilarity was not how my worst week went. In fact there was some crying and feeling down. I was thinking about taking up therapy again or quitting my job and hiding in a cave. A number of things ran through my mind as I tried to survive the awfulness that was last week. Anyway, I just received some news at work that did not please me and since I don't really give work specifics here, that's all I can divulge. Sorry.

Brian says that we need to be on a virtuous cycle instead of a vicious one. His way of saying what goes around comes around. I haven't been being very nice and now it's come to bite me in the butt type of thing. Which I understand. I know that happens. I've been expecting something because I haven't been very nice, but I just don't think this punishment fits the crime and karma is at least three points up. It's definitely not even, I will tell you that. I expect the scales to start to even out soon.

I watched a PBS show on dreams the other day. It was really interesting. It was about different research done on dreams and I started to worry that I wasn't dreaming, because I guess dreaming is healthy and especially REM dreams. Both Saturday and Sunday night I had dreams, I don't remember what they were about, but I did dream so I'm happy about that. I think there was something about not dreaming can cause depression and I don't really need that right now...

I think I'm going to get a nose job. A long, long time ago my nose was broken and it's this long stupid story, but it broke and I never had it fixed. Apparently it's really messed up. So messed up that insurance is mostly likely going to pay to have it fixed. (I say most likely because it hasn't been pre-approved yet, but the doctor said they way it looks it shouldn't be a problem.) I decided I want to get it fixed before the wedding and before engagement pics, which I need to get done soon. The down side is I will have a messed up nose for two weeks. One week I will have the cast and the next week there will still be visible signs of bruising. But people at work will just think that Brian beat me up. Ha! Just kidding. I will make sure every one knows what I'm doing.

Other than that not a lot going on. Just the usual.


  • I'm so sorry hon. I guess this was your shit week, and the previous one was mine! Maybe we should warn Cat she may get the next one!
    We are in such a terrible financial state in this nation, it's affecting everyone..and it's no fun. It's hard to be pleasant anymore when we are worried about the basic stuff.

    I think a nose fixin may lift your spirits. Do whatever you can to stay strong. Love ya...and hang in there.

    By Blogger Envoy-ette, at 2:01 PM, March 25, 2010  

  • sorry to hear about the bad week. but wow - good advice form Brian. i need to remember that more often.

    hang in there girl - hope this week is better on ya

    By Blogger Kate, at 5:42 PM, March 29, 2010  

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