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Monday, April 19, 2010

Jillian is at a funny age right now. She just says every thing. Whatever comes to her mind. There's no sugar coating with that one.

One morning Brian was telling her she needed to eat her breakfast because he needed to leave. She looked up from her cereal and said, "so, leave." It was funny. She only rides with him a couple of days a week and I don't think she has those days down.

Yesterday I told Jillian that she had to do something because Riley was going to his dad's soon. She asked very excited "but not Darby?!". I said told her Darby would be leaving too. "Ahhhh!!" She was sad Darby was leaving but not a word about Riley.

Riley really gets picked on by Jillian. One day all the kids were playing Would you Rather... at dinner. They started with Riley and he asked would rather eat this or this and then on to Darby and Jordan. There was a question about would you rather lose your arm or your leg. And then it was Jillian's turn and she's sitting there thinking and says "I would rather punch Riley in the face!". I don't think she fully understood the rules of the game.

I guess since she's 4 Riley forgives her. They are several years apart. He gets his fair share of teasing her and picking on her. It all evens out in the end I suppose.

On a completely happy note, Jillian made her first goal this Saturday at her soccer game. It was pretty awesome.


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