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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lucky Girl

I am a total dork. Yes, me. There's this line on my facebook page that says to write something about yourself and I've always left it blank because I had no idea what to write about myself in that small space. The other day it totally hit me. I'm a lucky girl.

I thought about it because years and years ago that's how Riley described me. He's 13 now, but when he was 8 or 9 he told me I was a lucky girl because I was the only adult he knew that received so many gifts on their birthday. I thought that was funny. And one day I was just thinking about that little interaction and how I really am a lucky girl.

And not because I get a lot of gifts for my birthday, but because life, in general, treats me pretty well. Sure bad things happen. Or things that really irritate me, happen. And sometimes I think "why me". But generally speaking I have a very nice life.

I have Brian. He's sweet and doesn't like to see me upset and takes care of things I don't like to take care of and all of that nice boy stuff that boys are suppose to do. I have four great, smart, mostly healthy (except for those ones with the weak stomachs) kids. I have the cutest little bunny that ever was and a dog so obedient and well behaved that she would do anything not to upset you.

I have awesome help with the kids because all of the grandparents live so close. So when Brian is at school I always have an extra someone to drive a couple around to games or practice or school or to some other activity that's going on.

My family situation can be drama sometimes, but mostly it's fun to get together with everyone. And in fact, we probably do so more than most families.

I have really great friends who put up with me even when I'm acting a little spoiled and I start to freak out about wedding stuff. And they tell me it's okay and I can do whatever I want and they will do whatever I want. And then I calm down.

And my work is not unbearable. The job is pretty good, the pay is pretty okay (for girl pay), the hours are nice and flexible so I can fit in all of that kid stuff I need to fit in.

So when I complain, I promise I do know, way in the back of my head that I'm lucky. And I try not to take it for granted. I try really hard.


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