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Monday, October 13, 2008

Point By Point Update

*It was so cold this weekend, but I sat through a couple of games anyway. Riley had his last football game before playoffs. They won. His team has done awesome! Not only are they undefeated, but no other team has even scored a point against them. Darby and Jordan had their penultimate soccer games this weekend. They don't have playoffs so next weekend is the last game.

*Like how I used the word penultimate? Thank you Brian.

*Riley started out the season as a sub for defense. He finished up starting for offense. I don't even know what the means, but I thought it was weird.

*Darby and Jordan are both in an uncompetitive league, meaning the only ones keeping score are the parents and the coaches. Darby's team is undefeated and Jordan's team has only lost one game.

*This Friday BSU plays Hawaii. At home. Airing on ESPN. We don't have cable so I've been teasing Riley as much as possible that we won't be watching the game. He was annoyed and told me this is the problem with us not having cable. Yesterday I told him since we don't have cable we'll go to a tailgate party so we can watch the game. In reality, my friend gave me two tickets to the game.

*Halloween is getting pretty close. I love Halloween. In fact, this year we're pretty busy for Halloween. The week of Halloween the kids go to Awanas as usual on Tuesday, Darby's school Fall Festival is on Thursday, the church is having a Halloween party on Friday and Saturday I decided to have a wine tasting party. I'm excited. I love busy weeks like that. As long as it's not every week.

*Brian and I have been doing our part to save the environment. By carpooling. Not just together we have another passenger. At this point, I'm ready buy a hybrid or something to offset not carpooling because I could really do with out the carpooling. It's not even worth the environment to me. Seriously.

*This week we aren't carpooling. I literally wake up in a good mood at the thought of not carpooling. And I am not a morning person.

*I'm not going to get into any kind of details about my next statement. Just try and put two and two together. Racist-chauvinistic-homophobic-know it all.

*Carpooling isn't very convenient and I'm a very busy girl most of the time. That's all I'm saying.

*I'll leave you with a conversation over heard by Brian after he got out of the shower. We were at the cabin and I was actually in the same room as the kids when the conversation took place, but I didn't realize how silly it sounded until Brian repeated it to me.

Jillian: Jordan, look at my butt. Jordan, look at my butt! Jordan, I said look at my butt!!! Look at it now! Look.

Darby: Jordan, just look at Jillian's butt.

Jordan: There! I looked at it are you happy?

She was.


  • Yay, I love the word "penultimate"!!

    And kudos to you for carpooling. Even if it does make people grumpy sometimes.

    By Blogger teahouse, at 6:47 PM, October 13, 2008  

  • I could make you a nice mix cd of carpool music. I think your carpool passenger would love it.

    I mean, it may not be your cup of tea, either, but it might be worth it to see how the carpooler reacts. :)

    By Blogger Not A Pretty Girl, at 10:02 PM, October 13, 2008  

  • The word "penultimate" takes me back to college Spanish and the proper placement of accents over the correct syllable.

    anyways . . . . I totally agree w/ you on the carpooling thing. I miss the two hours of freedom I had when commuting by myself. Yes, it's nice to save $, but sometimes it's just not worth it to me when it means having to argue over which morning show to listen to on the radio.

    By Blogger Miss Got Wings, at 10:44 AM, October 14, 2008  

  • I carpool for high school. I'm the morning driver, which means I look awful...LOL! It doesn't save me miles! By the time I've picked/dropped everyone off- it didn't make a difference!
    Penultimate- that impressed me! I had to look it up!

    By Blogger Envoy-ette, at 11:28 AM, October 15, 2008  

  • Kids crack me up the way they like to show off their butts. It just seems to bring such delight!

    It has gotten cooler here to but I made my way out to some games this week for the kids. Sick or not their seasons are ending and Aunt D can't let the children down!

    By Blogger Deana, at 9:06 AM, October 19, 2008  

  • "Racist-chauvinistic-homophobic-know it all."

    Uh, oh! :o(

    By Blogger Karen, at 7:49 AM, October 21, 2008  

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