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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Busy Bee

I feel like it's been forever since I posted. But it hasn't. There was that three day weekend. I didn't get on the computer once over the Labor Day weekend. I didn't have access to the computer because we spent Friday night, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday morning at the cabin. In the mountains. I even missed the first BSU game, but I wasn't too disappointed. They won 49-7. I knew it wouldn't even be close. Those games aren't very fun to watch anyway.

I'm not so stressed about work. I don't know why exactly, not much has changed but I don't feel like I'm going to die if I have to be here. That's a nice feeling.

My Jillian is just as cute as ever. Almost every thing she says is funny. Only because she's 2 1/2. If she was 13, it wouldn't be so cute. In fact, when the 8 year olds say the things she says, not funny. Not cute. It's just a conversation. Like yesterday she told me how pretty my necklace was and that it would be "perfect for me". And the other morning I was walking out of the bathroom and she held up her teddy bear and told me, "oh God, he puked." I love it.

And sports season is here again. And I love the craziness and the practices and the uniforms and getting ready for games. So, I think this has all improved my mood because when it comes right down to it, work doesn't matter. I'm not saying that I will allow myself to be miserable at work, because that does matter considering I spend a substantial part of my day at work, but right now it doesn't matter. And I hope to find a happiness in work and I hope things change, but if it doesn't I will have to change things for myself. Right now, I have to help three kids juggle school, sports and some play time.


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