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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I Love My Birthday, Even Though I'm Getting Old

I had a great birthday. I love birthdays! Brian and I took the day off and went shopping. We had coffee at Borders book store. I picked out a new bra, which Jillian likes to refer to as boo boos. So, when she saw I had a new bra she exclaimed, "you got new boo boos?". I laughed and told her I wish. I also bought some matching panties to go with the bra. Brian said he wants me to start wearing matching bras and panties. I said that's not doable really. I will have to continue to try and coordinate. Matching is too difficult for me.

Next I went to Express and bought some shirts and jeans. Then we walked around and looked at different stores and soon realized we needed to go have lunch if we were going to catch a movie on time.

We ate the Cheesecake Factory. Very good. I had a cosmo martini because I love cosmo martinis. Love them!

I decided I wanted to go and see the Mummy 3. I know, lame. But I love the Mummy movies and I thought I needed to see this one in theatre. And I was a tad bit dispointed, but I'm still glad we went. I had issues with them replacing the wife. I mean, they could have replaced her with a different wife and had some story about how the original wife died or something but they just used a new actress. I wasn't buying it. It was disappointing.

But it was such a nice day! No work, no worries. Shopping. Eating. Movie watching. It was so fun. I wish everyday was like that. Heaven!


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