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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Water Bugs and Roaches

I'm back from my little trip to McCall. The condo was fun. And pretty nice. They're a lot like apartments, except when you walk down the hall from the front door you have this amazing view of the lake. It's pretty awesome.

I rode a jet ski for the first time. It was scary. I was so scared I barely even used the throttle. I just idled around like a scaredy cat. I think I made a mistake taking Jillian and Darby out on my first ride. I should have practiced by myself and then taken them out. I kept saying, "we need to go back. I'm scared." And Jillian would say "no, don't go back. I not scared." But I had to. I had horrible visions of Jillian falling into the deep, deep, dark lake and me not being able to get her. She was wearing a life jacket, but I was panicking. She's so little. I know Darby would survive, but Jillian is-so little.

Anyway, we went back and played on the beach and Darby's friend's parents took them out a few more times and everyone was happy.

The condo was nice, but I'm definitely a cabin girl. I think it has to do with the fact I'm not a water bug. I went 4 wheeling for the first time this summer and I was only scared for the first couple of minutes. The rest of the trip I had a blast. There is something about big bodies of water that scares me. Probably the fact that I can't see the bottom creeps me out a bit. I don't know. I'll stick to cabin life and visit the condos whenever invited.

Anyway, I only worked a half day on Friday and it turns out that during those few hours I wasn't there hell seemed to be breaking loose again! I read an email that a co-worker sent me and Brian told me some things and putting the two together really, really makes me mad. That woman was in a manager's office once again complaining and my name was heard. And I'm so annoyed. I just want to do my work. I want to take a half day and not have someone complain about me. I want to come back from vacations and not have to have meetings with HR. Is there a place out there that can offer me these benefits? Is there?

Monday is my birthday. I took Monday off as well. I'm sure I'll go back to work to brownies and a pink slip. Or something equally annoying.


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