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Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Days

Okay, I feel there is hope in sight. We now have a manager in our department for the time being. I feel a bit of relief because he has set up camp right smack dab in the middle of all of us. His office is right across from my cube. And it's not exactly perfect for me because I have to be on my best behavior but it will stop others from talking rudely to me.

In other news Riley and Darby started school. Riley is in middle school. It's crazy. He's having issues with his locker. He isn't able to open it. Which means he packs everything with him back and forth to school and he takes everything to class with him. He's been threatened to learn how to open his locker. I told him I would call the school and have someone hunt him down and help him. Brian saw him and told him if he didn't get into his locker he would go to school with him and they would get it open. No one wants that! He would be so embarrassed. Poor guy. I have my fingers crossed I don't come home to his backpack full of binders and books.

Darby of course had a wonderful day. She likes her teacher, she likes her class, she's in 3rd grade. We left late for work so that we could drop her off at the bus stop. When the time came to leave she decided she would just walk. I was a little nervous about her walking because she has to cross a pretty busy road so I made Brian drive by. We saw her running down the street but she hadn't crossed the busy road yet. Brian pulled over to wait so we could see her cross. All of her friends were on the other side waving to her. She didn't cross. Cars had come and gone and still she was just waiting. Brian decides to pull out into the road and he yells out to Darby, "hey Darby! Are you going to cross?" She shrugged her shoulders and started to cross the street. Once she was at her bus stop amongst all of her friends I yelled out the window, "bye Darby!" and waved furiously. She was so embarrassed. It was awesome.

In other news Riley discovered the girl across the street is a 6th grader. I am so afraid!


  • School already!!!

    Here in Michigan the gov. passed a law a couple years ago that school starts the day after Labor Day to help the tourist industry.

    When I was a kid, we always started day after Labor Day and school was out for summer Friday before Memorial weekend.

    By Blogger Karen, at 5:11 PM, August 23, 2008  

  • You'll be one of those families that used to be on TV with the neighbor kid coming over ALL the time! Just teasing... hope they have a terrific school year. My NC nephew goes back today. The others in VA went back weekes ago, but they get out much earlier and they have to have snow days prepared- like we ever get good snow anymore.

    By Blogger Deana, at 6:27 AM, August 25, 2008  

  • The locker saga goes on at every middle school! I bet he isn't passing the second number once, which is what most kids do wrong. Dan & I went after school hours and I showed him how to do it. Good luck with the locker!

    By Blogger Envoy-ette, at 1:07 PM, August 25, 2008  

  • I hated my locker too. Maybe he'll get it.

    Sounds like it's gonna go well for the kiddos this year!

    By Anonymous Slick, at 11:26 AM, August 26, 2008  

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