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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Three Days of Happiness

I'm so happy! Someone loves my blog. I had love reading her blog as well. Plus...

I had a fantastic weekend. Fantastic! I did not have to think about work once, which has not been the norm the last few months. I took Friday off and not once did I think about who was saying what or what emails were being sent out while I was off. It was so refreshing.

We took a three day weekend and went to the cabin and sat around all weekend while it rained and rained and rained and it was so relaxing. We would find shelter during the rain storms and the minute it stopped we would head back outside and sit by a fire. The kids watched a ton of movies and then went to play in the mud. There was an incident where Jordan was stung by about a dozen hornets. I wasn't down the hill during this time, but the story is pretty exciting and he'll be sure to talk about it for at least the next few months. Luckily, we were able to slather him with some cream and give him a dose of Benadryl and they don't look too bad. He was very lucky.

The only thing missing this weekend was football. We didn't watch any football, except Sunday night we watched part of the Steelers game. This also means I missed Riley's game. I heard they won but I'm not sure of the score. I just realized that I looked up the scores to all the other games I was interested in and not Riley's. I'm the worse mom in the world! I can't believe that. Okay, I don't really believe that, but it's still weird. I looked up Denver Broncos, they won. I didn't end up seeing the end of the Steelers game, but they won. I looked up the Bears because Jillian always asks if the Bears won. She also asked about the Oregon Ducks now, I had to look that up this morning so I could tell her because I had no idea. They did win their last game. Thank God, because she gets really upset when they lose and she yells at me.

Other than that not much going on. Jillian is off her binkie so now she talks. A lot. About a lot of silly things. I'm sure you'll have to read about some of those silly things. I just don't want to forget.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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