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Monday, September 08, 2008

When you say football are you also talking about soccer?

I went to all my games this weekend. I survived Saturday, but just barely. Brian had to work this weekend so it gets crazy hauling the four kids around. But my mood has greatly improved. That's a good sign.

First was Riley's football game. He's in a different league this year because, I think I may have mentioned that I missed the deadline for the other league and he was mad at me for like, two seconds. Anyway, I like this league better. I can't say why exactly, but I do. It might have to do with the fact that they have heavy weights and light weights and when your kid happens to be a light weight, you don't exactly want him playing with the heavy weights. Who knows.

I was telling Brian this morning that it's difficult for me to watch little league football. I can't tell what the heck is going on. It takes me forever to figure out if they're playing offense or defense and by the time I figure it out they switch! Oh well, Riley loves football. I feel like I've been discouraging him from playing. He told me the other day that next year he's going to start focusing on baseball. Which is what I've been pushing for but...he should play what he wants. I shouldn't be a pusher.

Next Jordan and Darby had soccer games. It actually worked out perfectly because Jordan's game was first and ended about the time Darby's game started. I didn't have to miss any one's game. I did have to take Jillian to her grandma's because the soccer games coincided with her nap time and we don't want the Jilly Bean to miss a nap. Seriously. They did pretty good. This is Jordan's first year of soccer so he's just getting used to it. There's more running than there was in football or baseball. He's doing good though. He was goalie and no one scored on him, pretty impressive.

Darby is a pretty good little soccer player. She's a very competitive girl so that works for her in soccer. She's on a team with some older girls which I think will help her improve her game. They're pretty good. Her team won 8-1. The first two goals were made during the first minute of the game. It seemed like the other team was just standing there. Our poor goalies didn't have much work to do! It was still a fun game to watch.

I also watched Sunday Night Football. I like football. I didn't always like it, but ever since Riley explained it to me I'm hooked. So, it was the Bears vs. the Colts (or Colts vs. Bears, I don't know if it matters) and I'm cheering for the Bears because I'm not a Colts fan. I don't have reasons except Brian and Riley don't like Peyton. The teams had little patches on their jerseys that said GU 63 and I pointed them out to Brian. I didn't know why they were wearing them. It happened to be a Colts player that I pointed out and Brian suggested maybe someone on their team was injured. I said it could be but the Cubs have them on their jerseys too. That's right I called the Bears, Cubs! I'm still new at this. Besides. There is a Cubs team. They're just baseball. I think. Anyway, I now know what the GU 63 was for. No worries.


  • It's after reading your busy weekend, I'm thankful I only have one left in sports! But I gotta tell ya, when it's game day, nothing is more exciting!

    By Blogger Envoy-ette, at 2:03 PM, September 08, 2008  

  • I enjoy watching football as well! It started when my boyfriend in law school got me "Football for Dummies" and actually explained to me how it works.

    By Blogger teahouse, at 4:29 PM, September 08, 2008  

  • You mean someone actually knows the rules to football? I'm pretty sure they just make it up as they go along...

    By Blogger Jay, at 11:15 PM, September 08, 2008  

  • I was never into football. I once went to a superbowl party but I only went to eat!

    By Blogger Mrs. Mogul, at 11:46 AM, September 09, 2008  

  • I'm glad things are going well in your kids sports leagues. I always look forward to going to my nephews and niece Izzy's games. I don't know how you guys do it, you soccer/football moms! I don't see how my sis remembers what day it is! Plus the little one has to follow them around every where they go.

    I like NFL football too. It is one of the few Pro sports I can keep up with and know the rules. I will miss Brady though...he is so cute.

    By Blogger Deana, at 4:53 PM, September 11, 2008  

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    By Blogger Karen, at 3:27 PM, September 14, 2008  

  • GU 63 ...

    NEW YORK -- NFL players will wear a uniform patch this season to honor NFL Players' Association leader Gene Upshaw, who died Aug. 20.

    The league announced Monday that the patch will have the initials GU and the number 63, which he wore while playing for the Oakland Raiders.

    Upshaw died of pancreatic cancer just three days after he was diagnosed.

    The patch will be worn on the left chest of jerseys and is scheduled to make its debut Thursday, when the New York Giants and Washington Redskins open the season. Upshaw's wife, Terri, and his three sons will participate in the coin toss.

    By Blogger Karen, at 3:32 PM, September 14, 2008  

  • Tee hee, little league football. Is that like in the old episodes of the Cosby Show where Rudy played on a little pee wee football team?

    By Blogger teahouse, at 9:53 PM, September 14, 2008  

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