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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Is It Summer Yet????

My work days feel like they're never going to end. It's such torture. I don't know why. Usually I don't mind work but the past few weeks I've been dreading the 5 am wake up, commute back and forth and every thing in between. The sucky part is-I'm really busy. I have to actually work.

Baseball season is officially over. I thought I was going to be glad, but after Riley's last game I feel like it was such a let down. I can't explain it because last year they lost their last game and I was so happy he did so well and I couldn't wait until the next year to begin. This year, I was bummed. The whole season Riley was playing in the field and had the chance to play catcher, but that last game he was benched most of it. And when he was out on the field his little heart wasn't in it. He didn't play like his usual self. I felt bad for him.

His team is suppose to have a little after season party, but for some reason a date, time and place has not been established. It's unorganized. For about two seconds I thought about having it at our place since the pool in our neighborhood just opened up, but Brian didn't know if that would work so well. Besides, I don't know how many people that would be and some of our neighbors are so...something. I just don't know.

Well...I guess I don't have much right now. I'm wishing for nice weather. I have a few summer plans. We'll spend almost a week at the cabin, the boys will go to a baseball camp for a couple days, Darby might go to a church camp for an entire week (scary), Jillian will just be Jillian. She now tells us when she gets in trouble, "don't make me cry!" It's pretty funny.

There are a couple people in my life that are sick right now. Not just "I'm going to puke" sick but the kind of sick that makes you worry. I am positive they won't be unwell for long. Because they can fight through it, but it still makes me worry.


  • Awww, hate watching my boy after he has been sitting on the bench an inning or two....he hates it as well.

    Hope the people in your life that are sick get better soon

    By Anonymous Slick, at 2:16 PM, June 04, 2008  

  • I had to go through my planner and mark all the different camps my sis has for her kids so I'd know when we could do stuff together. She has them camped up this year, that is for sure. I think 3 wear her down sometimes...and she works too.

    I am sorry about your friends who are sick. I hope that they recover soon.

    By Blogger Deana, at 8:25 AM, June 06, 2008  

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