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Monday, June 13, 2005


I am now guilt-free about my horrible eating habits while Brian is away. It turns out when he arrived at the cabin he made a fire, had a hotdog as well as four beers, and then finished off a bag of beef jerky before going to bed. I suppose cereal and watermelon isn't the worse dinner one can have. Jeez!

Nothing else is going on. I went shopping on Friday and Saturday and bought some clothes that were bigger than my usual clothes. I am not yet at the maternity clothing stage. I'm in this awful in between stage where maternity clothes are much too big and my usual clothes are much too small. At least anything with a button, zipper, or size small tag on it. I still had a few things I could wear, but a few things only last a couple of days a week and I just can't bear to wear the same thing twice in one week, except for jeans. People at my work would notice if I wore the same outfit twice. It's completely shallow, but I know they would notice.

I have also been experiencing a horrible symptom of pregancy. Heartburn. I hate heartburn, it is the worse thing about being pregnant, unless you have morning sickness, which I've had before, but not with this baby. So the heartburn is going to make me hate being pregnant this time around. Argh! I thought I was well on my way to having one of those complaint free pregnancies. Damn it!

Oh, I just found out Michael Jackson is innocent. He is so gross!


  • keep your kids away from him ;)

    i am SOOO SORRY i have been absent!!! i promise i'll try to be a better blogger.. there's just not enough time to blog for me right now. :(

    By Blogger cat, at 6:57 AM, June 14, 2005  

  • That's okay, I will forgive you for now. But once all of this wedding stuff is over you have no excuse. Alright! :)

    By Blogger Jolynn, at 7:17 AM, June 14, 2005  

  • Heartburn! YUCKO! Hope you've got something you can take for it! Chocolate always did me in. OR orange juice. Or tomato sauce. BUT icecream cured it! SO LOTS OF ICECREAM!!! That's what I recommend!

    By Blogger Envoy-ette, at 11:32 AM, June 14, 2005  

  • Mmmm, I do love ice cream. Well, that it's then, I must eat lots and lots of ice cream. Problem solved.

    By Blogger Jolynn, at 11:51 AM, June 14, 2005  

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