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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Nothing Important

Last night I watched Miss Universe. I'm not a big fan of beauty pagents (seriously, I know it may seem like my thing, but they absolutely are not). Anyway, there wasn't anything else on, so Brian and I were watching. Brian's favorites were Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and another country in the same area of the world that I can't remember. They all made it to the final five along with Miss Canada. He was sure one of his girls was going to win. He was so positive. Nope, I told him, Miss Canada has it in the bag. She beat them all in question/answer round. She won. Miss Canada is now Miss Universe. She's very pretty, and tan. I would think someone from Canada would be more pale, like Idahoans perhaps, but she was nicely colored. I'm jealous.

Yesterday I had on my bikini bottoms and a tank top. Riley walked into the kitchen and gasped. "Mommy," he said, "that is the smallest shirt I have ever seen you wear." Darby was standing near me and looked over, "no it's not Riley, the shirt isn't small, it's just that Mommy is too big for it." She reaches over and lifts the tank top a little, "see her belly."

I began a new book that I'm very excited about. I have been waiting forever to get this book. It sounds so interesting. It's called The Confessions Of Max Tivoli and it's about a man that ages backwards. So far it's been fabulous but what really caught my attention was the first line, "we are each the love of someone's life". I'm not sure what he means by that yet, I think I have to read the entire book to understand, but just the line by itself is fascinating to think about it. If only it were true.

I'm on edge right now. Usually I don't know why, but tonight I do and there's nothing I can do about so I'm sure I'll go to bed grumpy, not be able to sleep and wake up in a horrible mood. Some people might think that's my problem and I suppose it is.


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