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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Speaking of Nick and Jessica

At least Jessica. I was reminded of something when I read a comment on Cat's blog. Here it is.

I saw a trailer for the Dukes of Hazzard movie recently. I didn't really think I wanted to see it because I never watched the show, that I can remember. I know it was on at certain points in my childhood, but I never sat down and watched an episode. It bored me and I had much more important things to do at whatever age I happened to be when the show aired. Anyway, after I saw the commercial, I knew I wanted to see this movie. To be honest it's because of Jessica Simpson. Not because I think she's going to turn out to be some fabulous actress, but because she's hot. I know, it sounds perverse, but my God that girl is beautiful. It amazes me how pretty she and she is all natural. It's phenomonal really. I mean, I know what team I play for and there is isn't any confusion about that in anyway, I'm very fond of the opposite sex. However, if there were ever a girl that could get me to bat for the other side, it would be Jessica Simpson. I don't know why have such a big crush on her. Lucky for me the movie comes out the day after my birthday so it shouldn't be a problem getting Brian to take me.


  • when does it coe out? aka when is your birthday? ;)

    i haven't seen a trailer for this yet. did it even look at all good? i liked the show (sometimes) but whenever they seem to make a movie these days of an "oldie" they make it really dumb. like starsky & hiutch and er.. something else that sucked.

    By Blogger cat, at 8:07 AM, May 15, 2005  

  • It comes out on August 5th and my birthday is August 4th. See perfect. :)

    I saw Starsky and Hutch, well part of it. I don't even remember finishing it because of how dumb it was. I hope this isn't equally as dumb. Hmph!! I never saw the show Starsky and Hutch, though. Was that good?

    By Blogger Jolynn, at 7:14 AM, May 16, 2005  

  • These feature-lenght films based on the worst of '80 TV is more evidence that those people in Burbank are doing WAY too many pharmaceuticals.

    What kind of cat tranquilizers were they smoking when they came up with the idea for the Dukes of Hazard movie? I must say, though, that I LOVED the show. I thought it was pretty much a documentary. My first two crushes were Bo Duke and Daisy Duke, not nec. in that order. Daisy was my first fashion idol (scary). I loved her and wanted to be just like her. How unfortunate. J. Simpson will fit the role to a t., though.

    By Blogger Marguerite, at 8:30 PM, May 16, 2005  

  • I know. I think their going overboard on the making an old TV show into a movie. What is next? That is why I was seriously going to skip out on Dukes of Hazzard. However, I can't resist. I'll let you know how disappionted I am after seeing it. I'm sure it will be one where I wonder why in the heck I wasted my money, but we live and learn, right? :)

    By Blogger Jolynn, at 8:07 AM, May 17, 2005  

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