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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

From Good To Sappy Sad

Today I was not as stressed. It's been a good day. I was able to meet Darby at a field trip she took this morning because it was right down the street from my work. She was so happy to see me. We had fun and she was very disappointed that I couldn't drive her back to school, which I'm sure isn't even an issue anymore.

The other day I let Chloe ride in the car with us, which was stupid because there are now little white hairs all over the place. It's horrible. I desperately need to vacuum, however I have not had the time. Anyway, there are, subsequently, dog hair all over my black coat and when I saw Darby this morning the first thing she said to me was, "aren't you embarrassed that everyone is going to see that dog hair all over your coat?" Well, Darby, I think I'll live through the shame. I should be okay. I think maybe she was embarrassed that there was dog hair all over my coat, which I spent the better part of the morning trying to get off with tape. My efforts, however, were for not because after I finished undoggifying my coat I got back into the dog hair infested car. I can't win.

Brian has been working at the Guard everyday since Saturday. I thought it wouldn't be such a big deal, but it turns it out it really sucks!! I knew I would hate him working. I hate it!! He has been working ten to twelve hour days and the next couple of nights he will be working into the am, which means I won't see him for two days. I might sleep next to him for a couple of hours, but that is it. I miss him. I know it sounds stupid, but nonetheless it's true. I have been thinking about him so much for the last couple of days. Not about anything particular, just about everything I guess. I just want to spend time with him, which I realize will be in a couple of days, but I don't know that I can last that long.

Today I had this intense yearning to just skip work and come home because he was here practically all day, but I couldn't. Instead, I stayed at work until 5:00, picked up all the kids, and was home by 6:30 to an empty house. Again. I miss seeing him the minute I get home and I miss eating dinner with him, and I miss watching prime time TV with him. The last few days have consisted of hardly any relaxing, together time and we've gone straight to bed Tonight will be worse consisting of zero together time and bed alone. I'm so sad. I want my pookie bear. :(

I don't know what's wrong with me. I must of a case of the sappy's.


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