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Saturday, June 11, 2005

A Sober Night With The Girls-It's A First

Yes, this is what I love about alone days. The Saturday mornings. Saturday mornings without kids to bug me about "being hungry" or telling me that Darby isn't letting them do such and such. A morning of drinking coffee and messing around on the computer. I would be reading the paper, but Brian is usually the one to go in his pajamas and get it, so I'm left to fend for myself. I don't want to get the paper.

Well, I know you're very curious about my girls' night. Aren't you? First, I met Tammy and Lisa at Kara's house. I have only been out with Kara once and I think she's amazingly fun. Plus, she thinks I look like Ashley Judd, and even though I don't if she wants to think that and tell me I do, that's perfectly fine by me.

We then decided to go to Red Robin to eat dinner. I haven't been to Red Robin for about three years because Brian's ex use to work there and she's immature enough to have someone spit in my food. I have been craving the clam strips for awhile now. Tammy and Kara ordered white Russians, Lisa and I ordered sodas. Lisa is on the South Beach diet and this week she isn't allowed to have liquor. Sucks for her. Sucks for me. Anyway, we ate dinner and talked about girl stuff. Having babies, our relationships, which right now Kara is in a pretty horrible situation, and of course plastic surgery.

After dinner we chose a movie to go to. We wanted to see a $2 movie so we settled on Guess Who, with Ashton Kutcher. It didn't start for another hour and a half so we drove over to the Moxie Java. Oh, by the way, we drove in Lisa's brand new Chrysler 300. Everyone really likes that car, but I'm pretty indifferent towards it. It's nice, but I also think it's kind of ugly and old person looking, but I suppose that's just me. I don't have to drive it so I just nodded and agreed that it's "beautiful".

At the Moxie, Tammy and Kara ordered coffees. Lisa and I didn't have anything. Lisa doesn't like coffee and I had my caffeine quota for the day. We sat at the Moxie for an hour and continued our discussion on babies and plastic surgery. Lisa has had her boobs done. She had a lift and an implant and they are seriously big. I think DD or something like that. She really likes the doctor she chose and was recommending him to Kara because recently Kara had a hernia removed in her stomach and she said the doctor completely ruined her belly button. I guess it's really bad. I didn't end up seeing it, but Tammy described it as a butchering. So, Lisa said she should go in for a consultation because it's only $50 and who knows, it may not be as expensive as she might think. I'm pretty sure that when the time comes I will use that doctor. Another girl we know also went to him for her enhancement and she's really happy, as is her husband. I was thinking that a C cup wouldn't be big enough for me, but now that I see the D's I'm thinking C is good.

Tammy is also interested in getting a boob job, because I guess her's are saggy (I've never seen them myself) but she's going to wait quite awhile because she's more interested in having a baby. She's "planning"on getting pregnant the end of the summer. Planning a baby is a completely new concept for me. I've never planned to have a baby in my life.

We saw the movie, which is pretty cute and ended the evening at 11:30. I can't believe it, we had the most fun and we didn't even have to get wild and crazy. However, after I am not pregnant anymore we are going to have to have one of our wild nights out. Minus the puking. Tammy told everyone they were going to have to throw a baby shower for me and I joked that I wish a baby shower would be more like Amy's bachelorette party. Now that was a party.

I love going out with these girls. I have never had girlfriends like this. My girl outings with old friends from high school were always so boring and so predictable. We would end up going out to the bars, sit at a table or stand near the bar with our drinks and pretty much just stand there while my slutty friend scoped the place out for potential one night stands. That was her idea of a good time. These girls idea of a good time is to hang out with the girls and laugh and talk about ridiculous things. When we go out the only time we talk to a guy is to get him to buy us drinks. And amazingly, when I go out with these girls I never buy my own drinks. Ever. It's just too much fun.

Well enough of that. I need to get ready to go have my hair colored. I'm going with something new. I'm going to be rebellious. I'm going to get my hair colored a shade lighter. Can you believe how daring I am. :) Anyway, have a wonderful Saturday.


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