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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Few Things

-Brian vetoed my Taylor Swift song. He said he didn't want any Taylor Swift as our first song. Period. So, I'm still thinking about it.

-I have a check list of what I'm suppose to have accomplished and when on an online wedding site. Right now I'm behind because someone won't chose a best man and I can't mark off that I have my wedding party put together. I have my wedding party, but Brian doesn't have his and depending on who he chooses as best man, might determine whether I need another person in my wedding party. You see how this messes things up.

-Darby starts cheer leading next week. She's excited except I think it's on Wednesday when Brian has class. This usually isn't a big deal except that there's a mandatory baseball meeting. And I think it's on the same day. I should really look that up. I'll forget. And then I'll wonder what the heck I'm going to do next Wednesday.

-The kids had Awana on Tuesday night. It was a fun night because they raced their cars. They always have loser cars. Every year. And every year they say they are going to have better cars the next year. But they don't. Next year we are helping them with their cars instead of letting them do it themselves. They can paint them or something but not cut out the design. I think that's where the problem is.

-Tomorrow I'm taking a half day. So excited. Going with my maid of honor to lunch at place that might be the rehearsal dinner spot and then trying on dresses. I'm pretty sure I will have my dress picked out in the next couple of weeks. The girls and I went last weekend and if I didn't already have this little outing planned I probably would have my dress because I loved the ones I tried on. At the end of January we went to David's Bridal. I do not like that place. I won't be buying my dress from them. It's like a meat market in there.

-I've been doing these work out classes the past couple of weeks (speaking of meat markets) and they totally kick my ass. I think I've already lost a 1/2 lb. Not much but it's something. I love these classes but I'm skipping today's class. That's right. I'm lazy. Don't judge me.

-Found my caterer!!! It's this little Hawaiian restaurant and I love it. Just need to put down the deposit and we'll be good to go there. Another item I can check off my list.

-I also have my officiant. My friend from work is going to do it. We're doing the whole getting ordained online thing. It's pretty funny but she is awesome and she'll do a great job. I can't wait!!! Now if choosing a song was as easy...


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