Pink Sheets

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What An Imagination

Jillian has the most insane imagination. I can not believe the things she comes up with. Right off the top of her head. I mentioned her imaginary friend in my short post below. Her name is Kara and she goes to college. Kara and Jillian think cows are disgusting. Her and Kara were with Kara's mom driving and they saw a cow and both thought it was disgusting. Sometimes Kara is mean to Jillian. Jillian's brother and sister once called her and pretended to be Kara. Jillian was so happy to talk to Kara on the phone. They are no longer allowed to do that however, because she wanted to keep calling Kara over and over again on the phone. It was kind of annoying. And Jillian wanted Kara to come over and was upset when I wasn't able to make that happen. Darby did come up with a plan to make Kara invisible so that she could visit us. Without actually being there, because she's not real.

The other day she mentioned that she was part Vampirish. You know, like one might be part English, or Scottish, or Irish or whatever. Jillian is part Vampire. She loves vampires. I'm not sure why, they kind of scare me, but I guess if your part vampire you wouldn't be easily scared by them.

She's just so cute. She has an answer for everything. I'm a little afraid though. I think it's a fine line between wild imagination and little white lie. Like last night when her dad asked what she was doing and she replied, "playing with muppets". Hmmm.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas!!! Going to be pretty busy this week, but a good busy. Not much to post. Except that Jillian has an imaginary friend named Kara, and she's kind of getting annoying. But more on that later....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rough Night

Last night was the worse night of sleep. First Brian couldn't sleep and was tossing and turning, which woke me up. Then he went downstairs and I just couldn't sleep without him so I went downstairs. We watched the trailers for Avatar and New Moon. They look like okay movies. After that we went back to bed around 11:15 and I did fall asleep only to wake up about 4:40 am. Dang, the stupid alarm goes off at 5:15. This sucks! And then, we hear the crying. Jillian wet her bed. So, after stripping down her and the bed and putting her in the shower and starting the washer, it was time for my shower. Just great! Hopefully I don't fall asleep at my desk today. So, I know your dying to hear about my weekly plans. I'm so busy! I am actually going to have to make lists or I'll completely lose track of what I'm doing.

Today I need to get Brian's parents their gifts. I'm making stockings for a few people this year and I need to get gifts small enough to fit into these really cute stockings I bought at Old Navy for $1. I also need to get my friend Bert her gift. She lost a lot of weight this year and mentioned that none of her pajama bottoms fit anymore. Which just happens to work out because Old Navy has all of their pj's on sale for $8. I need to run these two errands during "lunch". I'm actually spending my lunch listening for phone calls because Brian's group will be going out to lunch today. This really puts a damper on my plans. I also have to work out and I have a meeting at 3. I will make it work though. I will.

Tonight is Awanas, which is good. After I drop the kids off I'm running over to JC Penney to get some socks (to put in the stockings) and then going over to Fred Meyer to return a few items and pick up some candy, which includes a Hershey bar for Jordan's secret Santa gift exchange at school to go with the hackey sack I already bought. Luckily all of the teacher's gifts are already purchased and wrapped, which reminds me, I need to give Darby her teacher's gift tonight.

Tomorrow is our potluck at work. I decided I'm re-gifting for the white elephant gift exchange. First of all, it's a white elephant gift exchange so you aren't expected to bring anything fantastic, and second, I always try to buy something cute and funny and then I either end up with my own gift or something really awful. So I'm re-gifting and I doubt anyone will even know. I am also suppose to bring something for the potluck and I'm totally cheating this year because I don't have time to cook tonight. So fried chicken from the grocery store it is. Oh and I have a doctor's appointment that morning. Dr. appointment, pick up chicken, potluck and gift and exchange and I really need to work out that afternoon. My pants are starting to snug up. Ugh!

After work tomorrow I have my eye brow wax appointment and then I might just go home, or I'll stop and pick up the rest of my stocking stuff. Depends on how I'm feeling.

Thursday is not a good day. Last week my former boss passed away. She had a tumor in her brain that was the result of breast cancer. She finally retired from work last year and the last few months were pretty hard on her and her family. It's very sad and she was very young and has three young daughters. Her services are on Thursday. I'm sure that most of our group will be going. I'm very sad for her family and it makes me so thankful that I have such healthy kids and Brian and that I'm healthy. It also shows that health can change very quickly and nothing should be taken for granted. It's scary. That night is also Jillian's program. She has a line in the play and she has all of her songs memorized. I am so excited to see her. There will be a ton of pics. I actually have quite a few pictures of Jordan and Darby's programs too, but they are still on the camera.

Friday, I have a lunch and other things going on and I don't even want to think about it. I think we have a party that evening, which means I need to get Jillian a sitter, and blah, blah, blah. And for sure by Saturday I need my gifts wrapped so Brian and his dad can drive them up to the cabin. And I feel overwhelmed but if I get it all done this week and I can enjoy my days off the next week. I've already made plans to have lunch with Brian's sister-in-law. The sane one. I'm very excited for Christmas week. The kids don't have school and I won't be rushed to get things done. It will be nice. I think.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Christmas Countdown

Okay, the week wasn't completely awful. It could have been much worse. The coming weeks are going to be so busy they are going to fly by they are so packed with things going on.

-Monday: Christmas program for Jordan's class.
-Tuesday: Christmas program for Darby's class.
-Friday: Make fudge and hash brown casserole for holiday treat brunch on Saturday.
-Saturday: Holiday treat brunch.

Oh yes, and I need to have all the "Santa" gifts wrapped by Saturday so that Brian and his dad can take them up to the cabin, which is where we are going to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning this year. This wrapping thing is not easy. Do you see Monday and Tuesday? I have those two Christmas programs, which will pretty much take all evening. And this weekend was shot on doing any wrapping because I have Jillian and Brian is working. And let me tell you, if I tried to lock myself in the room without her, she would probably break down the door. I guess Wednesday and Thursday I'll need to get it all together. Friday evening I'll be busy shopping and baking. Ahhhh!

The next week isn't going to be that much better. The beginning of the week is pretty much open but Thursday is Jillian's Christmas program at her daycare, Friday I have a lunch with my bestest girlfriend in the world and Friday evening we have a going away party for a guy at work. I wasn't actually invited but Brian was and he can bring a date. Me! The next weekend as far as I can tell I have no plans. I'm really looking forward to that. I'll be wrapping gifts all weekend and hopefully finishing my shopping. Because then I have the next week off from work. I can not wait!!! I need a week off. It will be somewhat busy but I love it. And I think a lady at work is starting to lose it again so it will be nice to have a break from that.

What to do today? I'm not sure, maybe some shopping and that's probably about it. I was thinking that I might figure out how to set up Netflix on the Xbox for the boys, but I probably need Riley to figure out how to do that. And maybe Brian. Maybe not. I might try. Riley and Darby should just come home early from their dad's. Seriously!