Pink Sheets

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

10 Reasons Why It's Been Over A Week Since A Post

1. I have been so, so busy at work. Extremely busy. Working longer hours busy.

2. Monday the 17th they told us they closed one of our paper mills. (I work for a paper company. Actually both Brian and I work for a paper company.) This was going to effect our department and they would let us know in what way by the end of the week.

3. Thursday they laid off a girl in my department. It was awful because I was not completely expecting it. I sort of thought they would end up keeping everyone.

4. I've been busy with kid stuff. Both Jordan and Darby decided to donate part of their Christmas money to the canned food drives at there school, so I had two shopping trips to make to buy a million canned food items by two deadlines. Jordan also had a Family Reading Night at his school that we went to and there's all that homework stuff and Awanas and two birthdays. Just a lot of stuff.

5. With the lay off I have even more work to do. And tons of mail. I'm getting rid of this mail. Seriously.

6. I've started writing a million posts but could never finish so I just deleted them. That might happen here.

7. By the time I get home I'm sick of being on the computer.

8. Did I mention I had two birthday parties to plan?

9. I've been waiting to hear what's going on with my department besides the lay off. We still don't really have a boss and today we found out my old boss will not be coming back.

10. Things in general are just chaotic.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Oh my goodness. It's been forever since I wrote! Okay, very busy at work, which I'm having ok days and really bad days and pretty good days at work lately. I'm all over the place, but I'm really busy at work. Which is where I usually blog, so blogging suffers I guess.

Yesterday I had a pretty good meeting with my boss. I told Brian "Billy is impressed by my initiative." Brian asked what that meant. I told him he apparently had low expectations for my initiative. It's true. He didn't expect much from me in terms of taking action. Which is fine. It seems in this environment it's not necessarily bad for people to have low expectations. That way they're pleasantly surprised.

Tomorrow is Jillian's birthday. She has high expectations on the amount of fun she is going to have. I don't think she will be disappointed.

Okay, seriously busy. Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Halloween Highlights

I survived Halloween, but just barely. I'm pretty sure Jillian is still recovering. It was a rough weekend.

Thursday October 30th: Fall Festival from 6-9. And yes we stayed the entire time. The kids had so much fun. Even Riley who no longer goes to that school had a blast hanging out with his friends. The kids ran around the school with a million dollars worth of punch cards and played games for three hours straight. Collecting a ton of candy along the way of course.

Friday October 31st: Went trick or treating with 5 kids at my office. Dropped Jillian off at school for her lunch, nap, and party. Went to the store and bought 8 dozen cookies for the Trunk or Treat party. Went home and made 4 kids lunch and baked the cookies. Took the kids downtown to trick or treat, picked up Jillian, went to trick or treat a couple of grandma's houses. Went home and decorated the trunk for trunk or treating. Went trunk or treating. Came home and passed out.

Saturday November 1st: Went and bought a new BSU shirt, because there was a game that night and pick up a few things at Target. Took Riley to practice. Planned to go grocery shopping while he was at his one hour practice and realized Jillian had fallen asleep in the car. Went home so she could nap during his practice and did laundry and picked up the house. Went back and picked up Riley and then went grocery shopping. Had a break between grocery shopping and taking Riley to his championship game one hour early. Was almost late dropping Riley off at his game. We then watched his poor team lose 0-16. Little boys were crying. It was sad. Riley on the other hand was not upset. He's a half glass full kind of kid. He was excited they were at the championship game, their team was the only team undefeated and they went the entire season without another team scoring against them. So there!

Sunday November 2nd: Woke up, finished the laundry, started cleaning up the house to get ready for my wine tasting party. Found score cards online but we were out of ink. Went to the store and bought ink for the printer, went to another store to buy the wine and some rolls. They didn't have the rolls I wanted. Went to yet another store to get wine and rolls and happened across some Doritos on sale. All during this time dragging poor Jillian along, who is easily distracted.

For instance, we went to get a free cookie at the bakery counter and she spotted this cake. A Disney Princess cake in the shape of a castle. She wants this cake. She wanted me to buy the cake and take it home. Right then. She didn't want the cookie anymore. In fact, when the woman asked if she wanted a pumpkin cookie she told her no, she needed the cake. Needless to say great grandma loves to spoil the Jillian princess and for her birthday in a couple of weeks she is going to have a Disney Princess cake.

Okay, I was just distracted. After shopping I went home and made the kids lunch. While I was at the store they were suppose to clean the playroom and the boys' bedroom. I cleaned the girls' bedroom the day before. They did have it cleaned but Riley had to make a point of letting me know that Darby fell asleep and didn't help. Darby is sick. I teased her that she always gets sick right before I have a party. It's weird.

And I had my party. It was a success. Everyone came, we drank, we ate. We teased my friend Bert. It was so fun. I love wine tasting parties! Well, I just love parties. And I have a lot of parties to put together in the coming weeks.

Okay, this long post is what you get when I only have a chance to blog about once a week. Sorry about that. Go vote!