Pink Sheets

Monday, October 27, 2008

It's Going to Be a Tight Week

Those were words Brian used on the car ride in yesterday morning so you know if he thinks so, it's going to be pretty crazy. This is the kind of week that gets my adrenaline going. A lot to do on a tight schedule. I love it! Kind of.

Yesterday Brian and I went to look at a car. A 2003 PT Cruiser. To replace my oh so pretty 2005 Honda Accord. Every time I think about downgrading my Honda Accord I think of an Oprah episode where they were talking about saving money and one huge savings is to downgrade the type of car you have. You don't have to have a new car. And a woman stood up and asked "I have a Honda, how do you downgrade a Honda?" I always thought that was funny. Anyhow, we are thinking about getting a less expensive car to replace my Honda, that is very cute but not very versatile. It's not kid friendly. We'll see what happens.

I don't watch Oprah as much as you might think. I make a lot of Oprah references, but the shows I choose to watch stick with me for some reason. I don't know why.

Today I have a team building activity with my group at work. We're bowling. I get to wear jeans today so that's a bright side. I'm trying to have a great attitude about work but I'm still feeling a little stressed.

Tonight is Awanas for the kids. Riley thinks he's too cool for Awanas. I told him he wasn't and that he has to go this year. Next year I won't torture him. The other kids really seem to like it. Especially Jillian which is a major shocker since she's so...picky.

Tomorrow Brian is going to change our insurance over and figure out how much money he wants to get when I die. It's weird to think about life insurance. I don't know why but there are all these factors to consider. Especially when kids are involved. Life and death are complicated.

Jordan and Darby will also be getting they're homemade costumes tomorrow evening from grandma. Jordan is so excited. He's going to be the grim reaper and for some reason he can't wait. He knew since August that's what he was going to be for Halloween. He asked last night if his costume was finished yet. Darby is going to be a devil. But a really cute devil. I guess this is the year of the evil 8 year olds. Jillian is a fairy princess and Riley is really living it up by being a BSU fan.

Thursday Darby's school is having a Fall Festival. It's a big deal because they don't usually have one. I'm excited to take the kids. I think this is the reason Jordan was asking about his costume.

Friday is Halloween and I'm taking the day off. However, I will be taking the kids in for some trick or treating at my work. For some reason they love this tradition. And so do my co-workers because I was planning on not doing it this year and the kids and the people at work started complaining. So, I'll be here bright and early Friday morning. We are also going "Trunk or Treating" this year at the church where the kids go to Awanas. This is new, so I hope it's fun for them.

Saturday I was going to have my wine taste party but, yeah for Riley, his team is having the championship game on Saturday so it sort of messes up my plans. I'm rescheduling for Sunday. His game also overlaps the BSU game on Saturday. I'm really questioning the people who schedule these things. Hello!

Okay, I have to go work because I have a ton of stuff to do before I take a day off. Have a great Halloween!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another Sports Weekend

It looks as though I'm only able to get in one post a week. I've been busy with kid stuff and I don't know if that's going to die down. I'm now getting into the holidays and birthdays. There are two birthdays in November and three in January. It's a crazy, crazy time.

This weekend I spent the majority of my time at games. Starting at 8 am. The soccer games are now over, but they were pretty good last games. Jordan's team won. There was one of those awful soccer dads in the crowd this time around. I'm just glad he was from the other team. Yelling and screaming at the kids. The seven and eight year old kids. Give me a break! Darby scored her first and only goal of the season and her team is undefeated. I wish, wish, wish she would play soccer in the Spring, but she and her dad are insisting on softball. Whatever! I think I still have time to talk her out of it.

Riley's team is in playoffs. We painted his face green and put white under his eyes so he could show how fierce he is. Ha! He loves football and he's been playing a lot. Unfortunately not the position he wants to play. He loves defense and wants to play defense, but they have him on offense. I told him when he was on defense he hardly got to play at all. He said he didn't care. He would rather play defense. I don't know what the difference is honestly. Anyway, they're still undefeated and there is still not another team in the league who has scored against them. They're pretty much awesome!

Jillian had her very first slumber party this weekend. She stayed the night at her aunt Patti's with Darby and her two cousins. She had so much fun. It's so cute. Especially since she wouldn't even let me leave the room with anyone besides her dad or grandparents just a few months ago. She's such a big girl. We're also toilet training right now as well. That's not so fun.

Riley and I went to the BSU v Hawaii game Friday. It was so much fun. I didn't tell Riley we were actually going to the game until the very last minute when I handed him a ticket. He was surprised and it was pretty funny because he was so bored tailgating. BSU won! Woo hoo. I did feel sorry for the Hawaii quarterback, though. He kept getting sacked and his passes kept getting intercepted. It was not a good night for him.

Did you hear how horribly Denver Broncos did against the Patriots. My goodness!

Have a great week!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Point By Point Update

*It was so cold this weekend, but I sat through a couple of games anyway. Riley had his last football game before playoffs. They won. His team has done awesome! Not only are they undefeated, but no other team has even scored a point against them. Darby and Jordan had their penultimate soccer games this weekend. They don't have playoffs so next weekend is the last game.

*Like how I used the word penultimate? Thank you Brian.

*Riley started out the season as a sub for defense. He finished up starting for offense. I don't even know what the means, but I thought it was weird.

*Darby and Jordan are both in an uncompetitive league, meaning the only ones keeping score are the parents and the coaches. Darby's team is undefeated and Jordan's team has only lost one game.

*This Friday BSU plays Hawaii. At home. Airing on ESPN. We don't have cable so I've been teasing Riley as much as possible that we won't be watching the game. He was annoyed and told me this is the problem with us not having cable. Yesterday I told him since we don't have cable we'll go to a tailgate party so we can watch the game. In reality, my friend gave me two tickets to the game.

*Halloween is getting pretty close. I love Halloween. In fact, this year we're pretty busy for Halloween. The week of Halloween the kids go to Awanas as usual on Tuesday, Darby's school Fall Festival is on Thursday, the church is having a Halloween party on Friday and Saturday I decided to have a wine tasting party. I'm excited. I love busy weeks like that. As long as it's not every week.

*Brian and I have been doing our part to save the environment. By carpooling. Not just together we have another passenger. At this point, I'm ready buy a hybrid or something to offset not carpooling because I could really do with out the carpooling. It's not even worth the environment to me. Seriously.

*This week we aren't carpooling. I literally wake up in a good mood at the thought of not carpooling. And I am not a morning person.

*I'm not going to get into any kind of details about my next statement. Just try and put two and two together. Racist-chauvinistic-homophobic-know it all.

*Carpooling isn't very convenient and I'm a very busy girl most of the time. That's all I'm saying.

*I'll leave you with a conversation over heard by Brian after he got out of the shower. We were at the cabin and I was actually in the same room as the kids when the conversation took place, but I didn't realize how silly it sounded until Brian repeated it to me.

Jillian: Jordan, look at my butt. Jordan, look at my butt! Jordan, I said look at my butt!!! Look at it now! Look.

Darby: Jordan, just look at Jillian's butt.

Jordan: There! I looked at it are you happy?

She was.