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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Remember The Days?

A friend/co-worker of mine went grocery shopping during her lunch. It's only a few blocks from our office and she walked there to get in a little excercise as well. Since she was walking she changed into a pair of sweats and tennis shoes so as not to mess up her work clothes. On the way back, as she was walking briskly with two very full grocery bags some teenagers in a car passed by. On their way past they yelled to her, "if you quit drinking so much you'd be able to drive!" What the hell is that all about? I guess they thought she was a bag lady, but how rude! Teenagers are dumb. She says she's just going to stay clear of the high school from now on.

I remember being a stupid teen, but I don't recall yelling rude comments out the windows of moving vehicles. I do remember that we used to stuff about 6 people into little, tiny cars when only a few of us had their driver's license. That was pretty stupid. I remember being slightly obnoxious when we went to lunch at the A&W up the hill. Any good stories of your teenage years? Did you yell rude comments to people walking down the street?


  • teenagers are retarded
    I'm glad I never was one..hehe

    By Blogger Unknown, at 8:38 AM, April 27, 2006  

  • I never yelled rude comments, but a friend and I did outrun a police officer once.

    By Blogger Monique, at 11:13 AM, April 27, 2006  

  • Yeah, I was never one either, or at least I have tried to block most of that part out. :)

    Monique, I would have never guessed that about you. I'm impressed.

    By Blogger Jolynn, at 11:46 AM, April 27, 2006  

  • Kids can be so horrible. I hate feeling intimidated by someone 10 years or more younger than me!

    Things were different when we were younger

    By Blogger serendipity, at 4:18 AM, April 28, 2006  

  • I never did nope. What these kids don't get and I have 4 of em is they REALLY are not the smartest people in the world I don't care what their report card say's!

    By Blogger truckdriver_sefl, at 7:25 AM, April 28, 2006  

  • omg jolynn! You don't have enough room here from me to tell all my bad youth tales, lol!

    Most were good clean fun, tho, no yelling rude remarks at anyone.

    here's one... three of us snuck in drive-in theater in the trunk of girlfriend's car.

    By Blogger Karen, at 10:13 AM, April 28, 2006  

  • Nikki: That is funny. At least you know you look young, that's never bad. If I were that woman I would be embarrassed as well.

    Serendipity and mc: You guys are right, times were different when we were younger or maybe it just seems crazier now because we're getting old. :)

    Lass: You felt guilty????

    Truckdriver: I'm so not looking forward to having teenagers. Ugh!

    Karen: I'm with you, I have way too many to share.

    By Blogger Jolynn, at 12:19 PM, April 28, 2006  

  • Kids these days are just amazing. I was never like that when I was younger. Its just a sign that things are different now.

    By Blogger Trista, at 2:30 PM, April 28, 2006  

  • It's not about being a teenager - people are either rude or not. On any given day, I encounter way more rude adults than I care to count.

    By Blogger Jay, at 7:01 AM, April 29, 2006  

  • I use to roll down my window and BARK at good looking guys. Except I wasn't a teenager. Then the was the time I was with some friends at night and we were going down an unlit dirt road when this COW appeared before us and we couldn't stop in time and slide right under the thing. The cow's butt ended up on the windshield with SHIT all over. Even behind one of the guys glasses! Yeah...we knocked the shit out of it...and then had to pay for it! That was an expensive cow. Wasn't a teenager then either.

    By Blogger Envoy-ette, at 11:14 AM, May 02, 2006  

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