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Monday, December 12, 2005

Well, Brian has officially left town. Is it obvious? Two posts in one day is pretty uncommon for me. However, even though I was feeling a bit down about him going away he left work early and came home to have lunch with me before he went to the airport. This is significant because he works in Boise and the airport is in Boise, we however, live in Nampa. It was completely out of his way. I was very much surprised. I'm glad he did that, especially because it reminds me of how sweet he is. Of course, that makes me miss him more, but I like missing him sometimes.

It's probably good for relationships to have a break every once in awhile. (Um, not the Ross and Rachel "break".) Isn't it? We never take a break from one another, at least not extensive breaks, and I rather like it that way, but I know that when we do spend a night apart I can't keep my hands off him when we see each other again. The down side is a miss him so much I think I might go crazy if he doesn't hurry back. Alright, not really. I do miss him immensely, but I swear I can live without him, just not for very long.

So, I was watching Oprah this afternoon, because that's what I've been doing these days and this woman was on who had her face blown off by her now (obviously) ex boyfriend. It was the absolute, number one, most horrible thing I have ever heard of in my life. It was horrific what happened to her. I just could never imagine myself in such a relationship. One where I was scared for my life. It's inconceivable to me. I often wonder how women end up in these relationships. I actually had a friend in highschool who was always in a bad relationship. These relationships resulted in her being mentally abused time and time again, but never physically. I always thought she was such an idiot for letting stupid boys talk to her in such a way. What the hell? I would often try and stick up for her to these boys, but that usually resulted in them saying awful things to me as well, why she just sat in the sidelines, watching.

But I think that's different than being physically abused. It's one thing to have a man speak to you with disrespect and something completely different to have him hit you every time you did something he didn't like. I'm trying to imagine the scenario and yet it's still impossible for me. Only because I have never been in an abusive relationship and as far as I'm aware I don't know anyone who is in one, at least no one close to me. It is very likely an acquaintance could be and I not even know.

I only worry about this because the whole time I was watching the show I was hoping with every part of my being that neither of my girls ever has her face blown off, especially by an enraged boyfriend or spouse.

Well, that was a little more intense than I was going for, but that's what was typed out and so it shall stay.


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