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Monday, April 06, 2009

I'm here and I survived my busy weekend. I had fun, actually. I love watching the kids play baseball and if I have to be a million places at once I'm okay with that. Plus, my mom came over twice this weekend to help me out. I was outside all day on Saturday. It was so cold that morning. I was kicking myself for not bringing blankets to Riley's 10 am game. The sun was out but that dang wind was blowing and I was freezing! His team lost, but it was a really good game. By the last inning they were down 10-1 and I was thinking that I should start getting ready to leave, but they rallied together that last inning and only lost 10-9. It was good and Riley hit a double. (Or something like that? Two people made it home on his hit.)

I don't know if Jordan's team won. Pretty much all the kids on the team would hit the ball and they would switch. It was probably a pretty close game. His team isn't very good at getting people out yet. They'll get better.

Brian bought me an Ipod Touch. It is so cool! I love it. I need to play around with it more. I already put some games on it and of course my songs. I also have a movie on there, but I don't think I'll keep it on there. I added Notting Hill. I love that movie, but I don't really want to watch it on the Ipod. I'll need to get some TV shows or something.

Well, my job search still isn't very good, but I'm hopeful this economy thing will work itself out and things will get better. I'm just going to keep trying and sending those resumes. Nothing wrong with trying right?

I will leave you with a conversation I had with the three year-old this morning. By the way, I love my conversations with the three year-old.

Jillian: Who made the sun?

Me: God.

Jillian: Who made the darkness?

Me: God.

Jillian: Who makes milk?

Me: Cows.

Jillian: No!!!

At this point I thought she was confused. I thought she was thinking that God makes milk too. I told her, yes cows make milk.

Jillian: No they don't, boobies do.

Of course they do.


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