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Monday, March 02, 2009

What I Did This Weekend

Friday night I had a girl's night with my friend Bert. We skipped out of work a tad bit early and went to the 4:30 showing of He's Just Not That Into You. I liked it. It didn't get good reviews at all, at least not the ones I read and it was absolutely a chick flick, but I thought it was great. We then went over to Cafe Ole and ordered the sampler platter and a couple of margaritas. They brought us the sampler platter and it was huge! It was embarrassingly huge. Even the people next to us were teasing us about our huge plate of food. Needless to say, if it's just us, we won't be ordering the sampler platter at Cafe Ole again.

On Saturday I had a pretty lazy day. We did some shopping in the morning, stopped by Brian's parent's house and had a beer and went home and I took a nap. Then I went grocery shopping- boring! And I bought some fat jeans. Yep, I need fat jeans. I bought one pair because my stretchy jeans that I love and are not fat jeans are pretty stretched. As in they have been washed and worn so many times the fabric is slowly disappearing. Pretty soon all that will be left will be the buttons. I love those jeans, but they just aren't practical for public appearances. So, I need comfy fat jeans for my fatness that has happened to me over the last few months until I can slim down a bit. And slim down I will. I am determined. And I found this little quiz thing at Self magazine website that tells you your "happy" weight and I was just dying on the floor laughing. It's the most ridiculous thing. I'm not even as heavy as my "happy" weight. I would have to gain a more weight to get there! Are you kidding me! I bet I would be happy! Fat and happy. Goodness gracious.

And Sunday, let me tell you about Sunday. I did not do very much at all. We went shopping again in the morning and then we finally took the Jilly Bean to "The Garden" which she has been dying to go to forever. That's the Olive Garden and we don't know why she wanted to go but now she has. We don't know if it was what she expected or not but she seemed to have fun. Then I took another nap and I looked up information on Guinea Pigs because I desperately want a Guinea Pig. Desperately.

I'm pretty proud of my lazy weekend. I hope you had a good one!


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