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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Eyeliner Is The Key...

to making you feel awake maybe?

I don't know. I just know Sunday I was in a slump. Not a depressed slump, but I was just not waking up and feeling horrible. I made the kids breakfast, took a nap and made fudge all before noon on Sunday and I just didn't feel my best. I had decided after I took a shower and blow dried my hair that I wasn't going to put on make-up and my hair was going into a pony tail. Then I started to get cold so I threw on my BSU hoodie.

Brian put up this huge mirror in our dining room and on my way into the kitchen I looked at myself and declared that I looked awful. I went upstairs and put on some foundation and curled my eyelashes. I thought that might help.

I made lunch and insisted Jillian take a nap. I tried to play some games on the computer but I felt so tired so I went and laid down with Jillian and fell asleep again. I woke up and thought about how I would need to start dinner soon because the dinner I was making takes awhile to make and Riley and Darby leave at 6.

I saw myself in the mirror again! That was it. I could not stand it anymore. I went upstairs put on eyeliner, a cute sweater and my Tiffany necklace. And that was all it took. I immediately came out of my groggy state and started making dinner and played on the computer and instructed the kids to go outside and pick up dog poop. I felt so much better and I credit the eyeliner. I think that's what did it.


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