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Thursday, December 04, 2008

I Watched TV

I was watching TV last night. That's right. I was finally able to sit down and watch TV. There was nothing going on. Okay, I should have been putting away the Christmas boxes that are sitting in my front room but I didn't. I watched TV. So there. Anyway, I watched the last 1/2 hour of Life. Have you seen that show? It is so funny. It's one of my favorite shows but I always miss it for some reason or another. The guy on it is so weird.

Then I watched Law & Order and Oprah. I haven't seen Oprah in days. I was having withdrawls, but the Law & Order had me sucked in so I had to flip back and forth. Oprah's show was "Mistaken Identity". It was about the college girl in a car accident who was identified as another girl and everyone thought she was dead, but she wasn't and the other parents were taking care of her thinking she was their daughter, but she wasn't. I first saw this story on Dateline. Brian wouldn't watch it with me.

He doesn't like Dateline. I'm not sure how that's possible. It is so good. Granted they tell about true cases, which a lot of them are unsolved, so it's a bit frustrating but I just find them so interesting. He just doesn't get it! Plus, sometimes when the case is solved they do a follow up and give a recap of the story. I don't know. Maybe I'm just a freak. There are the stories that I won't watch. The ones involving children I can't deal with those. There are some things I could go my whole entire life without knowing and be okay with my ignorance.

PS I started this post yesterday and only just finished it today. I watched Oprah last night. It was about email scams. Let's just say I can't believe how gullible some people can be. Okay, that's all I have. Have a great weekend.


  • Don't watch Dateline!! It's the opiate of the masses..the new thing that passes off as media/journalism.

    Watch shows like Frontline and 60 Minutes and Bill Moyers Journal. They talk abou the real, pressing issues of the day - corporate control of the media and manipulation of our minds by providing "infotainment" while glossing over things like the Iraq war and how this administration takes away our civil liberties bit by bit every day! Yes, real, analytical and investigative journalism.

    By Blogger teahouse, at 4:36 PM, December 08, 2008  

  • Yeah, I don't do TV, so I'm no help!

    By Blogger Jay, at 1:26 AM, December 09, 2008  

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