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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hello 2009!

I'm hoping this year is a good year. Like every thing aligns perfectly. 2008 was such a crappy year for my professional life. I wouldn't want to relive it again for anything. The family life I enjoyed immensely. I have no complaints there. So, if in 2009 the work life could be just as good as the family I think I would be pretty okay with that.

So far I feel like I'm off to a good. The new boss seems to like me and the people who were allowed to be awful aren't that awful anymore. I'm very hopeful.

Baseball season is about to begin. I'm thinking about moving the kids to a different league. In fact, I'm pretty sure the boys will be moving over, I have to figure out Darby because unfortunately I'm not the only decision maker when it comes to Darby and softball. In fact, if I had my way Darby would be playing soccer year round. But whatever. I think this new league will be a little better than the other one. I feel like the other one wasn't very organized and other stuff.

I've been working out. Finally. Thanksgiving through New Year's I probably worked out like once and I consumed probably 2 million calories resulting in a weight gain of about 6 lbs. Seriously, before Thanksgiving I weighed myself (and I'm not going to reveal my weight) there was a number 1 in the total weight. I weighed myself last week and there was a number 7 replacing that 1. This morning, thankfully, there is now a 5, but my clothes are still tight and I feel puffy so I need to start really working on this poor body I've created.

Brian's 30th birthday is quickly approaching and I plan on having a party and for some reason it makes me nervous. I don't know why but I also have to find time for Riley's birthday too, because their birthdays are only a day apart. It makes me crazy!

I hope everyone has survived coming back to work. I think I'm surviving. I'm just glad it's Friday and I have a couple of days at home hanging out with the kids. I think I'm going to plan at least one lazy day this weekend.


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