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Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Very Merry Christmas

I didn't shower until 2 pm today. It was awesome. I completely cleaned the kids room. Made a keep pile, a throw away pile and a Goodwill pile. You would be surprised by the amount in the throw away pile. Completely worthless stuff sitting in their rooms. I don't know how that could possibly happen. On the upside, I found the portable DVD player that's been missing for about 4 months now. It was in the dress up drawer, along with some Legos and Barbie accessories. It's hard for kids to keep drawers organized. When they clean they apparently just throw things in random drawers.

I'm pretty sure everyone had a fantastic Christmas. Our kids are so busy for about 3 days straight, but their so good about it. Besides, they love all of the traditions we have, even if they do get switched around from year to year. Like going to Great Grandma's for Christmas Eve and staying up so late they pass out when their heads hit the pillows. And getting pajama's to open as their first gift. And they always get an ornament or two. So, even when they're hopping around from place to place they still have a little stability. Hopefully it makes it pretty easy. Plus, now, they've wised up to the fact that the more places they go the more presents they get. I don't like it. But, it's true. Which is another reason I thought we should cut back on their gifts. We did okay.

Cute little blurbs through out the past couple of days:

Aunt Becky: Jillian, what did Santa bring you for Christmas?

Jillian: I got a Beep! (She meant a Barbie Jeep.)

Riley opens up one of the ornaments Brian's mom gave him.

Riley: Oh cool! A football player ornament.

Me: Cool, who is it?

Riley: It's Peyton Manning. He's like my least favorite player in the NFL, but it's cool!


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