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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

WTF Wednesday

Well, I've know for quite awhile now that we were moving our office space. Again. I had made the plans to pack my boxes at the very, very last minute. I was prepared. I have until Thursday night. So this morning I went with Darby's class on a field trip to the fire station. It was pretty fun. I was in charge of three of the students including Darby. We were heading out to get on the bus when one of the little boys was trying to get his jacket on over his head. He was taking quite a bit of time doing this. Finally, the other little boy in our group yells, "Tristin, hurry up! Good God!" I think that must have motivated him. We were on our way.

The field trip ended around 11 and I headed into work. I stopped off at the cafeteria because I needed some water and Iwas starving. I'm going to be bad and buy a bag of chips. The original Lays chips. Plain and salty. For some reason I have been craving those lately. While filling my glass with water my friend comes in. "Well, nice of you to show up. Guess what? We're moving today! They told this morning!"


This sucks. Oh well. I started packing and I actually don't have very much. At all. I am one of the last people up here, but it's kind of nice. So, I'll continue working away until they FORCE me to move down to the 2nd floor. Next time advance warning would be nice.


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