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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Speaking of Kids and Jokes...

This all reminds me of last year while camping. Darby and Jordan spent their first night in a tent with Jordan's older cousin Amber. I can't remember how old she is. 11? 12? Is that too old? I don't know. Anyway, Brian and I spent the night in the tent up the hill so we could hear everything they were saying. They decided to tell jokes because ghost stories are much too scary for a couple of five year olds. Jordan, of course, wants to start.

"Okay. Why did the chicken cross the road?" he asks with excitement in his voice.

"Why?" the girls ask.

"Because he's a chicken!" he yells. "Hahahaha!!!" Him and Darby are laughing as hard as two little kids could possibly laugh.

"What? That doesn't even make sense," says Amber with much confusion. "I'll tell you a real joke." She proceeds to tell an honest to goodness real joke, with a punch line and all. (I can't remember the joke and I don't know any good jokes to insert, so make up a cute little joke and that's what she told.) She finishes the joke and we hear nothing. *crickets*



Jordan: "Oh Darby! Remember this one? Knock, knock."

Darby: "Whose there?"

Jordan: "Banana."

Darby: "Banana who?"

Jordan: "Banana you glad I'm not an orange?!"

An eruption of laughter. Hahahaha!!!

They just don't quite get it yet.

(Jokes referenced aren't exact, but you get the picture.)


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