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Friday, September 08, 2006

Weekend Plans

This weekend feels like it's going to busy, but I think it's just in my imagination. Here's the list, which shall be completed sans Brian since he has to work this weekend. (I hate that part-time job, one weekend a month, two weeks a year or whatever it is they advertise. But this is completely off the subject.)

Here we go:

-Friday night:
*Make homemade pizzas with the kids using our new fancy toaster oven Brian desperately wanted and now has and loves.
*Rent a scary movie for Saturday night family night, which is a new tradition we decided to implement.
*Possibly pay $6 to rent a video game for the kids to play this weekend because I'm feeling especially guilty about giving away a K'Nex Leaping Lizard set that was never opened because it is gigantic and complicated and would never be put together anyway. And it was a birthday present and someone looked very upset when he was told we took it away. The guilt! I can't stand the guilt.

-Saturday morning:
*Wake the kids up super early so we can go to the yard sale Jordan's school is having (this is where the Leaping Lizard set was sent) and do a little shopping. For some reason, the kids love a yard sale.
*Possibly, and this is a big possibly, take the kids to McDonald's for breakfast using one of the gift cards the realtor gave us along with several other gift cards, two bottles of wine, and a plant for our house warming gift. It was awesome to come home and see that gift basket on the front porch.

-Saturday afternoon:
*Have lunch at Boondock's for my sister's b-day. She turned like 25 or something, but for some reason she still loves video games and laser tag.
*Play a round of laser tag and use the gift certificate I won at our department picnic.
*Use the remaining tokens that weren't used at the department picnic.
*Come home, decide what to make for dinner, which should be special because it is family night.

-Saturday night:
*Make a delicious dinner that is still to be determined.
*Decide a which board game to play.
*Play board game.
*Watch semi-creepy movie. We've already decided on Anaconda. Lame, I know, but it will scare the kids.
*Have popcorn and goodies while watching the semi-creepy movie.
*Make the kids go straight to bed after the semi-creepy movie is over, because they will be creeped out and we're mean.

-Sunday morning:
*Do absolutely nothing and make the kids beg to have breakfast. I'm really lazy on Sunday's. I can't help it.

Through it all I hope to get this horrible image of a poor mommy Panda bear out of my head. She was nursing her baby and she was so tired she dropped her and she was crushed and died. I can't even stand to think about it. I couldn't even finish the article. Brian sent it to me. I seriously can not read things like that until Jillian is completely out of the baby stage. She can't even resemble a baby. I just imagine her as the little baby Panda. Ahhhh! I can't stand it!


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