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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Men Can Be Mean Girls Too

I totally had a Mean Girl moment. If you haven't seen the movie it will make absolutely no sense and you'll just be thinking, "why did she tell that story". But I think it's kind of silly. And if you think I talk about the movie Mean Girls way too much, well your right. But I have a six year old that watches the movie over and over again. It's always on my mind. I can't help myself.

Anyway, I'm strolling over to the printer to pick up an email when I was stopped by three of my male co-workers. "I bet she's one of them", they all start laughing. "What are you laughing about? What am I one of?"

"Your probably one of the 8% of people in this county that have a warrant out for their arrest," one explains.

"Uh, probably not," I disagree. " I live in another county. Sheesh!"

"Well that county is worse. Their at 25%!" (Which is absolutely not true.)

"Whatever losers, I have paid all of my speeding tickets," I tell them matter of factly.

"Your on speed?"

Conversations like that are how horrible rumors are spread. Next thing I know my supervisor is going to have a one on one with me about rehab.


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