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Monday, September 18, 2006

I Made A Joke

Darby is not exactly what you call a prankster or joke teller. She likes jokes and will laugh at jokes, even ones that don't make sense, but rarely will she tell a joke. I usually take what she says very seriously.

She calls yesterday, "Mom, will you come pick me up early. My dad and Amanda left for like an hour and a half."

"What? What are you talking about. I can't come and get you right now I ...."

"I'm just kidding. They didn't leave. Will you come and get me?"

It's completely out of the ordinary for her to call and tell me that.

The first time I can remember her ever doing something like that was a couple of summers ago at the cabin. We were sitting by the camp fire when one of the chairs started to tip over. She tells us, "I'll get it. I'll get the phone." While grabbing the chair.

We were looking at her like, "what are you talking about it?"

"I made a joke."

She's a very silly girl.


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