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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My Night Out On the Town

I know. I know. I've kept you in suspense far too long. I apologize. But honestly not much happened. There were no strippers, though three out of four of us wanted to stop by the strip club. I guess it only takes one, as was quite apparent the entire night. There weren't boys lining up to by me drinks. Okay that has never happened, but let's just say I've had better nights. And there was no puking at the end of the girls night out. Thank God! So what are you left with?

Well...We started with dinner at Red Robin. Unfortunately, I was so sick. I literally couldn't breathe and nothing sounded good. I settled on Chicken Tortilla soup, which is probably fabulous if I could have tasted it, and a house salad. I barely ate, mostly because I couldn't enjoy it at all. I also ordered a banana daquiri, which was yummy and split some kind of Bailey's shake with my friend Tammy. Both good, but a little skimpy on the alcohol part.

We decided to head over to a little sports bar called Elliot's. Keep in mind we stayed in Nampa, which is very small and they have exactly three bars and a couple of strip clubs. That's it. Most people drive to Boise to hang out downtown and act cool. We aren't cool enough. So we stayed in Nampa. We get to Elliot's and there are several guys hanging around watching football. We walk in and everyone is staring at us. At this point I want to leave but I suck it up because Tammy insists that have great White Russians, which I was told I was having. And they were yummy by the way. Very yummy.

The night is still young at this point. We're having fun. We're drinking, talking, some old guy at the bar is buying us drinks. It's the perfect girls' night. Until one of us, not me, decides we should leave and go to the other bar in Nampa to dance. Totally not my thing, but I'm not opposed simply because I don't want to dance. I think we have a good thing going on here. We can hear each other, the bar isn't crowded or smokey and hello! there's an old guy at the end of the bar buying us pretty darn good drinks. But the girl had called her boyfriend so we have to go.

Uh, what? Hold your horses. Who calls their boyfriend on girls' night? Doesn't that kind of defeat the concept? Uh yeah. And did I mention the old guy at the end of the bar. The one paying for our drinks. I look like total crap. I have been blowing my nose all freaking night. There is no way I'm going to convince someone to buy me a drink. I feel like hell.

But we go. And she convinces the other girls to call their husbands, which they do. And it turns out the husbands were kind of pissed about being called out to a girls night. So when they arrived they were in bad moods and there was all sorts of drama. This all is completely shocking because she used to not be like this. Besides the fact she was complaining about this boyfriend most of the night saying how being with him wasn't like when she was married and when she was married she and her husband were so considerate of each other. So much so that they're now divorced. I think that should tell you something. If you aren't married anymore, it's probably a good sign that you didn't have a very good marriage. Anyhow, I'm over it.

We eventually went home and I was glad. Especially since Brian was waiting up for me and he wasn't causing me any heartache. And he gave me hugs and kisses even though I was doused with the smell of cigarettes. Which he absolutely hates. We went up to bed and I was finally able to pass out. And the next morning Brian woke up, made coffee, put out my birth control and an Advil. It was very sweet. I, obviously, had nothing to complain about in the boyfriend department the night before. Some girls. I guess we all have to be a little weird every once in awhile. Next girls night is going to be a no boys allowed. It's going to be a new rule.


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