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Monday, July 11, 2005

It's All Rubbish

-I love my puppy. I had to spend this weekend with her and she is just so sweet it's almost annoying. She is so cute. She hardly makes any noises at all, unless you tease her, which will result in barking, but other than that she is quiet. Brian and I did read that some dogs don't find their barks for a couple of years, I hope she never finds hers. I think it's sweet she doesn't bark at anything.

She wants so much to please us and is so upset when we get mad at her. We use to have a dog named Bailey, he was a Beagle (he still is) and he was so rotten. He used to do whatever he could to escape the backyard. He dug holes and tore up the house and fence. He was horrible. When he did get out he would return covered in dog feces. It was awful. Our little Chloe is the exact opposite. She will lay in the backyard all afternoon, just chewing on her rawhide or chasing butterflies. She does have issues with one of our trees and I think she's trying to dig it out of the ground, but other than that she has no desire to escape us.

-Brian and I watched What's Eating Gilbert Grape. Leonardo Dicaprio's character is a mentally challenged 18 year old. After the movie was about finished he asked, "doesn't watching him make you miss the kids?" As a matter fact, it did. He acted like the 5 year olds. For the most part they're sweet and just want to have fun and be loved, other times they are out of control and obnoxious and hard to reason with, but it's always so innocent. Plus, they tell you exactly what they think. They tell you the truth whether it hurts your feelings or not. And-you know- sometimes they're mentally challenged.

-Riley stated the other day that, "soon Mommy was going to have three kids." Jordan retorts with, "yep, and she'll have four kids to watch over." I thought that was sort of cute.

-Last night Brian and I watched The Life of David Gale. I insisted that we've seen it before, he says I'm smoking crack and that maybe I have seen it without him. It was somewhat accusatory and completely invalid. First of all, the movie came out in 2003. We moved into our house in 2003 and from that point forward we have been inseparable. Second, I rarely watch movies, such as this, without him. The movies I watch solo are chick flicks. I don't have, nor do I need a third reason why it's weird he hasn't seen the movie, except that maybe he has and can't remember. There were parts of the movie I had no recollection of. Plus, we had a few phases of binge drinking we went through during that time period which could be the reason for his lapse in memory. We'll never know what really happened. It will always be a strange mystery. Oh well, I'm over it.


  • Everyone under 25 is mentally challenged in some way. I think it has to do with hormones.

    By Blogger Queen of Ass, at 6:41 AM, July 12, 2005  

  • Doesn't the age increase for males? Hee, hee. :)

    By Blogger Jolynn, at 10:25 AM, July 12, 2005  

  • All males are permanently mentally challenged.

    My 70-pound lap-dog puppy eats bushes. I used to have a waist-high bush near my garage door. Now it's reduced to twiggy-rubble. She'll devour an extra-large Nylabone in an hour. :-O

    By Blogger InterstellarLass, at 11:11 AM, July 12, 2005  

  • I know. Big puppies are the worse. She is about 60 lbs right now and she is the glumsiest thing I have ever seen. They don't realize the destruction they can cause.

    By Blogger Jolynn, at 11:18 AM, July 12, 2005  

  • LOL! My Hubby used to say.."remember..we watched ___." I knew I never saw that movie. Then Hubby would make it worse and say..." were there. I remember it being a woman!" wasn't this woman! Funny!

    By Blogger Envoy-ette, at 1:22 PM, July 12, 2005  

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