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Monday, June 07, 2010

My Conclusion:

It is easier to break a nose than to fix a nose. I'm pretty sure. It's probably just as painful, but there were these stints up my nose that were taken out today and that was pretty awful. However, the doctor said he was able to get my nose straighter than he thought he might. And also added that the bridge of my nose was pretty crushed. Which sounds pretty bad. I'm sure it is because when my nose was broken it hurt pretty bad.

I've been drugged up for the last three days, but I'm feeling really good right now. So probably no more painkillers for me. Of course, I say that when the effects of the painkillers are still lingering. I'll just play it by ear. They knock me out, though and I prefer to be conscious. Anyway, so far so good.

Tomorrow I will take the kids to the pool even though I look like a freak show, with my eyes all swollen and bruised and the cast and stitches on my nose. But they really want to go.


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