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Friday, February 05, 2010


Life is crazy good right now. I'm so busy, but it's fun busy. Well except for some work stuff. I just spent half the week in training. All day training with two breaks and lunch and it was pretty exhausting. Now that that's out of the way I have wedding plans to attend to.

This Saturday after I sign up the boys for baseball I'm taking the girls to another wedding show. I'm also consulting with another caterer this afternoon with Brian. Because Brian has to go to the catering consultations. I don't think he minds going to meetings that involve food and beer. I want to call another place that I found at the other wedding show. I loved their food and I heard they were a good catering business and not too expensive. I should just call today but next week I have a staff meeting, a doctor's appointment and I'm meeting with the wedding planner. But Monday is still open...

So Darby has decided she doesn't want to play softball. She said when she goes to middle school she wants to tryout for cheerleading. I'm going to put her in gymnastics and sign her up for cheer camps as they become available. There's one in a couple of weeks that sounds pretty fun and it's for ages 4-18 which means that Jilly can do it too. Perfect!

What else? Oh, I need to lose about 5 lbs before I can go try on wedding dresses again. I wasn't very happy about my appearance the first time I went so I'm dropping the pounds before I go again. And I'm going tanning because I'm just white. And splotchy. And I want to look pretty! :)

And it's official. I sent in my deposit on the Boise Depot last week. The date and place are set. There's no turning back.


  • Apparently I've been gone too long - CONGRATULATIONS on the upcoming wedding! Man, I've got a lot of details to catch up on!

    By Blogger Kate, at 9:34 AM, February 09, 2010  

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