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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Just Rambling On and On and On...

I started another post, but I wasn't feeling inspired. I couldn't finish it. Not a lot going on. Jordan started school yesterday. He seemed to have a good day and was in good spirits. Plus, he beat the "fur" out of Carson at tether ball which was a huge plus.

Yesterday I bought my co-worker a $.29 Snickers bar with Brian's humongous soda. She's been craving one for the past week and a half. I set it on her chair and she's still trying to figure out who left it for her. She hasn't asked me about it yet. Sheesh! She's not a very good detective,
which must be why she works in an office.

I'm wearing a watch today. I haven't worn a watch in awhile, I usually wear a loose fitting bracelet. Now it feels as the though the watch is cutting off my circulation. I think I had too many links taken out. It's so annoying. Maybe I should take it off, but I'm not going to.

When I go to the restroom at work I prefer not to have people talk to me. This morning a manager, not from my department, talked to me the entire time we were in there. The entire time! I had no choice but to answer back. Otherwise it's just rude. Very awkward.

There are a lot of changes going on at my work. I hope that's good.

Brian's parents bought a new puppy. She is so cute. His mom thinks that the puppy and Jillian are the same age. They took a picture of the two of them yesterday and they both had the same expression on their faces. It was so weird.

Tonight I'm making BBQ chicken thighs and I'm not sure if it's a wise decision. The thighs sometimes take a while to bake. Oh well.

I made a pledge to myself that I was going to work out every day this week. I don't want to today, but off I go. Have a great Tuesday.


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