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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jamboree Day

I haven't been blogging, but not because I've been especially busy like I thought I might be. Riley had his jamboree on Saturday and it was fun. I took all the big kids while Brian stayed home with the little Jillian. We had sodas and popcorn and watched a couple of 12 minute games. Riley did really well and his team scored a touchdown, which is exciting. The other team did not. Ha, ha! Just kidding. I'm so not that parent. I'm a good sport. Besides, how can you act like an ass to little kids in football uniforms. They are too cute.

The highlight of Darby's day was collecting autographs from the BSU football players. Because BSU football is a big thing over here and she gets very excited about it even though she knows as much about football as I do. Still, she collected quite a few signatures, even missing her brother's 6 minutes on the field to do so. That's alright.

Supposedly Riley did very well. He's cornerback and I saw him in his position and then there was running. I cheered of course and when the game was over his coached told me he did awesome. I smiled and nodded. I have no idea exactly what he did. I think football is too complicated. Maybe I'll catch on? *shrug*

Jordan was also enjoying himself. He sat and watched a few games and cheered for which ever team he decided he would cheer for. He tried to tell me that some of plays were "so good" (again, I don't know) and when he left to use the restroom he told me to tell him if anything good happens. I think I was able to let him know someone made a touch down. He was disappointed he missed it. Next time I guess.

Also, while Darby and Jordan were waiting for autographs they saw a boy running down a ramp with his soda and pretzel. He fell, spilling the soda everywhere and dropping his pretzel. Some kids were laughing at him, though Darby and Jordan insist they didn't, and he got back up, pretzel in hand and out of anger threw down his pretzel and stomped off. They did think that was funny, but again, insist they didn't laugh. I don't know how they didn't laugh because it sounds too funny not to laugh. Seriously.

They did laugh however, when Riley's coach showed up and announced he needed his smallest player to try on some socks before he handed them out. "Riley, where are you?" he asked. Both started cracking up. "Riley's the smallest player?" they were both exclaiming, trying, but not succeeding, to hold back chuckles.


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