Pink Sheets

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Is it mean to think this photo is hilarious? What a dork! Poor Riley. He is so going to be teased about this. Nonstop. From his very loving family.

Anyway, every year our work has a week of events to get people to donate to the United Way. This year they were having a rubber chicken toss and pie eating contest, among other activities. I was in the hallway talking to one of my co-workers, when a temp, that hasn't been so temporary considering she's been here as long as I have, walked up to us. Now keep in mind it takes a lot of patience to talk to her. She's a bit-annoying. I have no patience. So, she walks up to us and says to me, "what time are you going up to do the rubber chicken toss?" Well, you might think that this is an innocent question. That perhaps, I had stated I was going to do the chicken toss. That I had been practicing that very moment to toss a rubber chicken. No. I had no plans of tossing any rubber chickens. I was standing there minding my own business. I simply replied, "I'm not doing the chicken toss." And walked away annoyed.

I told Brian of this encounter, "why does she assume I'm doing the chicken toss. She said it as if it was common knowledge. Do I look like the type of person who goes around tossing rubber chickens? NO! I don't."

Then a co-worker came over after lunch to chit chat and gossip a bit, because that's what you do when you work in an office. Don't judge. He brings up the topic of our infamous temp. I start into my rant about how rude it is to assume that I was doing the rubber chicken toss. "It's not like I sent out a message stating that I was tossing rubber chickens for gosh sakes. Seriously! Why woudld she think that?"

"Well, you do have a rubber chicken on your desk." Slowly I turn around and sure enough. There is a rubber chicken staring at us. A rubber chicken, I myself, put on my desk. But for purely different reasons than tossing it. I haven't tossed the chicken once and I don't plan to, Ever.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Jilly-Ann!

I can't believe my sweet little baby is already a year old. I can't believe that one year ago I had an afternoon appointment with my doctor, around 2, where he told me that I may be having contractions, I was dialated, stay close to the hospital. Which I did. I went back to work about 5 or 6 minutes away. And I walked around with my very good friend Bert. (A woman, by the way.) And then by 4:20 pm Jillian made a little squeak, stuck her thumb in her mouth and fell asleep. And she has been my little sweetie ever since.

So, here is how the birthday thing is going to work out. And yes, I caved and am going to have Jordan's party on Thanksgiving even though I feel like it's a bit of a cop out, but I don't have any time to have it! I'm swamped. Jillian's party with Brian's family will be on Saturday at noon. We'll take Jordan out for the fun part of his birthday that evening. To a movie and dinner perhaps. On Wednesday we will celebrate both Jordan and Jillian's birthdays with my family. Then on Thurday we will celebrate Jordan's birthday with Brian's family. Ugh! That sounds like a lot of work. But honestly, I love parties so I don't mind.

Here's a run down of what Jillian's been up to. She started walking at 10 months, which was much too early for me. Now she tries to run. She blows kisses and waves goodbye, but not on command. She says duck, hot and cat clearly and some think she says dog, but that's debatable. She points at things she wants or likes. And she is a screamer. She screams when she's happy, mad, sad. It doesn't matter, she just likes screaming. We might start to hate that.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Lot of Catch Up

*I finally have new pictures posted. Jillian was a skunk for Halloween and looked so cute. I also posted some of my Halloween decor so you finally get to see a few pics of the new house.

*The other day in the elevator Brian said, "Lick me," and leaned his head in. As if I should lick his cheek. And I did. It tasted salty and all of a sudden I was horrified that I had just licked his cheek. Why would he ask me that? And worse why would I do it. So weird. Anyway, he just wanted me to know he went to work out. Weird.

*Monday I wore the exact same outfit as Brian's boss Chuck. And it wasn't just khakis and a white shirt. Something anyone might be wearing on any given day. No. It was a pink shirt and navy blue pants. What are the odds someone named Chuck would wake up and decide to wear a pink shirt.

*I voted on Tuesday like the good little citizen I am. Of course my state doesn't swing the same way I do, but that's alright. It's alright that a man who insists there is a direct correlation between breast cancer and abortions was elected. That's cool.

*This month is busy. Jillian's birthday: November 15th. Jordan's birthday: November 23rd. Thanksgiving: November 23rd. You might think we're combining Jordan's birthday with Thanksgiving. We aren't. That would be such a rip off. I think people should have to go out of their way to attend his party. Not just show up for Thanksgiving, like they do each and every year, with a gift. Nope. They're going to attend a seperate party or be black listed! And not only that. They'll be attending a seperate party for Jillian in the same week.

*I've forgotten everything I wanted post. So I'll be done for today.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'm Here

And so busy. I feel like I have a million things to say but no time to say it. Karen, don't you worry I'm getting myself out of work early to vote. :) Hope everyone is having a great week.