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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Red Wine and One More Night

I have one more night by myself and Brian will return. I really do miss him, but today was really busy. I inadvertently had a girls' night. Riley got sick at school and when they tried to call me I wasn't home, so they called his dad. His dad had his grandma pick him up and take him to the doctor and then I decided he could stay the night at his dad's house tonight. My mom happened to be watching my precious little baby today while I ran some errands and we decided to go to dinner with Darby.

After dinner we came home and I made cupcakes for Darby's bake sale tomorrow. Darby just cracks me up. I found out yesterday that she has a bake sale tomorrow and Thursday at school. I asked her what the heck I should make. She told me that I should make chocolate cupcakes with white icing, M&M's on top (she specified 5), and sprinkles. I asked her when she has had those kind of cupcakes (because I have never in my life made chocolate cupcakes with white frosting). She told me never, they just sound good. Well, I made 24 cupcakes and frosted them white. She sprinkled the cupcakes and I let her put 3 M&M's on top of each. I thought 5 was kind of excessive.

After that I thought it would be fun to walk around the neighborhood and look at all the lights. I actually thought after a few houses she would be too bored and tired to continue and want to come home. I was wrong. She wanted to go around the entire neighborhood. We were practically frozen by the time we arrived back to our house. We had a good time. Darby and I don't get a chance to do very many things alone (being with the baby doesn't really count as another person-yet).

Anyway, it was a good day, but I am so ready for Brian to come home tomorrow. Is it obvious I've had a few glasses of wine? Hope not. :)


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