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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Count Down

We are getting so fricking close. I can't even believe it. I have way too much to do before the baby gets here. I won't be prepared. I want her to come now, but that would mess everything up.

My schedule for the next couple of weeks is crazy. Let me just write it out for you, because I know your all interested:

Tonight: I have a class I have to take at Riley and Darby's school called a Safe Environment class. It's from 7-9 and it's mandatory if you plan on volunteering at the school. It's this new thing the Catholic schools are doing. It should be interesting.

Sunday: Darby was invited to a costume party from 1-3. I have to go to my mom's and pick up her costume, get her ready, take her to the party, figure out what to do with Riley while I'm at the party, bring Darby home from the party and take her to her dad's pronto because I usually have them back by 3 or sooner. I'm sure Brian will hang out with Riley, but there's all sorts of running around to do. Ugh!!

Wednesday: I have my first volunteer day at Riley's school from 10-11. Brian hates that I do it in the middle of the day because it requires a lot of driving and a lot of gas, but the schedule doesn't work out any other way. They're busy all morning and if I do it in the afternoon I'll have to leave work almost three hours early. That's not good. Anyway, it's only every other week so it's not that big of a deal. Right?

Friday: I'm taking a half day to pick up the kids and bring them trick or treating at my work. They did it last year and had so much fun. They passed out little bags of candy to the grown ups and they thought that was pretty cool. Plus, they get to show off their homemade costumes my mom makes for them.

Saturday: I'm making a special Halloween dinner and dessert for the kids and we watch a Halloween movie. We might play games or something, but we mostly just hang out on the Saturday before Halloween and have fun.

Sunday: We go to Boo at the Zoo. This is a little event the zoo has and all the kids dress up in their costumes and walk around to different booths and games and of course you can see all the animals. It's really fun and I want to do it as many years as possible before they get tired of the zoo.

Monday: It's Halloween!! My favorite holiday. I love it even more than Christmas. I don't have big plans, but I do have a doctor's appointment in the morning. They have to do an exam. Ugh!! I told Brian he didn't need to come for this one. He didn't argue with me. I might be volunteering in Darby's class for her Halloween party, but I haven't heard back from her teacher yet. Then I let their dad have them for trick or treating. That's fine with me because I like to pass out the candy and see all the kids dressed up. It's fun.

Thursday: I have my first baby shower. This one is hosted by some women at work who are so nice and fabulous and they have been buying and giving me baby stuff the entire pregnancy. I can't wait until the shower. They throw good parties, so I'm sure there will be a lot going on. I had them invite Brian's family because my boss is Brian's sister in law's aunt. Does that make sense? Anyway, I thought this would be better than going to my family's shower.

Either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday: My mom is going to throw another baby shower for me. This will consist of only my family, which is fine. Besides, it can be a pretty big group once you get everyone together. They better all show up!!

Saturday: I have an appointment to have my hair cut, colored, highlighted, and my brows waxed. I am going to look damn good after giving birth. Damn good. :)

I would love for the baby to arrive early. I can not wait until she is ready to get here. However, she needs to wait until at least 11-7-05 or she will be in big trouble. I am much too busy until then.


  • I'm with interstellarlass! What names are we looking at here?

    By Blogger Beth, at 3:14 PM, October 21, 2005  

  • So you want to know the name, huh? Alright, I wasn't going to post the name until she was born, but since you asked I will tell you.

    The first name we came up with was Ashley. I actually thought she would be named Ashley almost from the time I knew I was pregnant. However, the more I said Ashley the more I was sick of the name. I told Brian we needed to come up with something else. I couldn't name her Ashley.

    We started going through random names that we could tolerate. Julie was one we seriously considered and then we remembered a name we really like. Jillian. Brian thinks he came up with the name, but actually I have always liked it, ever since I saw Practical Magic. Regardless of who came up with the name we both agreed that Jillian is a keeper. Plus, it's not as common as Ashley or Julie. So what do you think?

    By Blogger Jolynn, at 8:36 AM, October 24, 2005  

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