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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Love Notes

Every night I go through the kids' back packs to make sure they don't have unfinished homework or notes they've forgotten to give me. One evening last week I was rummaging through Riley's bag. He has a ton of stuff in his bag. Drawings, score cards for made up games, things I usually just toss aside. This evening, however, was different. This evening I found something interesting. Much more interesting than drawings (which I usually love, by the way, and sometimes I do steal them). More interesting than score cards,which are actually pretty boring and I don't even get what they are anyway.

Nope, this little tidbit I paid attention to. It was a love note. To a girl. A girl named Heather. He wrote that he was sorry for looking in her book and that he really did like her. At the bottom was a poem about her sparkling eyes and teeth. And I would have been a little worried and uncomfortable about the whole love note thing, but right in the middle of the note was a Seattle Seahawks logo he drew for an added touch, I suppose. So, he's still my little innocent boy who loves sports. And hopefully he loves them more than girls.


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