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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Many Thanks and Other Hoopla

I just wanted to thank everyone for they're birthday wishes and congrats on the new house. I try to respond to my comments, but sometimes I can't get to it and then by the time I want to it's been days and then it's all old news. But I love when you all leave me sweet messages.

My little Stitch Jr. ( I call her this because she destroys everything in her path. In the last 12 hours she has managed to break a bottle of fingernail polish on the carpet, throw a bowl to the floor and breaking said bowl leaving me with an incomplete set, and shredding a box of tissue.) Anyway, my little Stitch has taken her first steps. No, they were not graceful steps and there were only one or two steps before she fell, but they were steps. I love my little princess.

In two weeks, almost to the day, we will need to be out of our house. Two weeks!!! Guess how many boxes I have packed? That's right. Not one. I don't know what's wrong with me.

We're moving and I recently noticed that our house has never looked so good. It's relatively clean most of the time. Much of the clutter is gone. All of the unfinished projects are finished. What is up with that?

I have been the grouchiest office worker in the history of office workers. Okay, that isn't true. I'm not grouchier than those ones that shoot up their office. But I'm grouchy. I think I just get fed up dealing with people who are difficult. I'm not difficult. I never have to be dealt with. I just don't understand why I'm being tortured. And I have PMS so the two aren't mixing well.

I wanted to steal some crackers from a co-worker who certainly wouldn't care if I stole her crackers, but she didn't have any of those yummy crackers left and I had to go with out.

The other day I was walking out to the truck and twisted my ankle. In the process I broke the thong part of my sandal. I was so distraught. I like those sandles. I'm having it repaired. Brian thinks I'm a loser, but there's no where to buy new ones of the same sandal. I like that sandal. I want to wear that sandal for the rest of the summer. Besides, wouldn't it be silly to buy new sandals when I could have the old ones repaired? Yes, it would.

Have a great Wednesday. Muah!


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