Pink Sheets

Monday, July 31, 2006

Riley and Darby were talking on the way back to their dad's last night. I should really not allow them to speak.

Riley had gone fishing with his grandpa earlier that day and he was telling us about seeing a deer.

Darby: "Was it a baby deer?"

Riley: "No! If it was a baby deer Grandpa and I would be in danger! When there's a baby the mom isn't far away. It would probably ram our car."

Darby: "Hee hee."

Riley: "It's not funny Darby! If a deer rams the car we could die! It could explode!"

Darby: "Hee hee."

Riley: "Fine Darby, if you think it's so funny that I might die, I would think it was funny that you would die too!"

Darby: "Oh Riley. I doubt I'll ever die. Unless I get too old."


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